Mauvelli | Here's How To Use The Illusion Neckline For A Unique Look

Here's How You Can Use The Illusion Neckline And More To Add Glamour To A Regular Style

January 06, 2021 | by bolu | 5 Comments

Many times, fashion designers or fashionistas simply go with the trend of the day when designing or choosing outfits. While sticking to trends is great, it is also important to infuse different and unique styles in a fashion brand to make it stand out.

Our Fashion Words column takes an in-depth look at many styles and techniques a fashion designer can utilise, with inputs from fashion designers and lovers. So how can the illusion neckline, wing collar and diamond smocking be used to add flair to an outfit?

Illusion Neckline

An illusion neckline, usually made from tulle, netting or lace, is one that is designed to add modesty, intrigue and glamour to the overall look.


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Just like Posi Shobogun, who is a law student shared,

“I love everything about the illusion neckline. I think it’s a really nice style for people who want to show off some skin, but still cover up.”
The illusion neckline helps the wearer to highlight their features a lot easier and better.

Wing Collar

Wing collar is a type of high, stiff shirt collar that has the top corners turned down, and mostly worn by men in formal occasions.

“The wing collar is rather unusual and interesting looking, but I like the way it looks with a tuxedo.” - Iyinoluwa Oludiya, a fashionista.

Diamond Smocking

The diamond smocking style, also known as honeycomb smocking, is one in which the end result gives a beautiful diamond design. 

It is done in such a way that the wave stitch is worked over the dots that are evenly spaced on the surface of the fabric so that the satin stitched dots appear in the front.

How These Terms Are Used

The illusion neckline can be used in a lot of designs for tops and dresses, including wedding dresses. While it may be easy for some and hard for other fashion designers, just like Olorundipe Kehinde of 54 stitches shared, the level of difficulty to achieve an illusion neckline depends on the style of the outfit as well as the experience of the designer.

“I love illusion necklines because of how they blend with the skin and give a very chic look. Since they always look good in owambe outfits and wedding dresses, I think fashion designers should utilize them more.” - Iyin Oludiya

Though many people would prefer the regular turned-down collar to a winged collar for formal occasions, the winged collar remains a classic collar to have. The winged collar shirt can be paired perfectly with a tuxedo or a cutaway suit for that classy look.

Diamond smocking can be used in tops, and different kind of dresses for a unique look, and just like Iyin Oludiya shared,

“Fashion designers can use the diamond smocking to make blouses and outfits look interesting, especially when they add beading to it.”

Generally, styles such as the illusion neckline and the diamond smocking can add flair and glamour to an otherwise basic outfit, and, therefore, should be utilised more in fashion designing.


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