Mauvelli | Here's How You Can Use Notched Collar To Create Classy Looks

Here's How You Can Use Notched Collars To Create Classy Workwear Looks

October 26, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

As they all say, one thing that is always constant, irrespective of the industry, is change. As a designer in the fashion industry, it is necessary to switch up the styles or looks in your brand to attract more clients.

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Most times, fashion entrepreneurs cannot infuse trends or styles they are not familiar with in their fashion brands. Our Commonly Misused Fashion Words column focuses on some of the styles, trends and views from different fashion entrepreneurs on the pros of infusing them, as well as takes from clients as well.

The notched and Peter Pan collars are used sparsely by designers and each have their advantages, also the webbing used by bag makers has its advantages as well. 

Check out their uniqueness and how some fashion entrepreneurs utilise them in their brands.

Notched Collar

A notched collar is a collar style that comprises of an upper collar, the undercollar and two lapels. It is formed by folding over the front edges of your garment exposing what in other collars is usually hidden - the facing and the undercollar.

Just like Iyinoluwa Oludiya, a fashionista shared with us,

"The notched collar is classy and amazing on blazers."

Peter Pan Collar

The Peter Pan collar is a basic, rounded collar that sits flat against the neckline of a blouse. This classic style is easy to draft, sew, and can be small or large depending on the client or fashion designer.

One thing to note about the Peter Pan collar is that, unlike a shirt collar, a Peter Pan collar would not stand up against the neck. Whether it is buttoned or unbuttoned, the Peter pan collar is designed to retain the same shape.


For fashion entrepreneurs that design mainly bagpacks or purses, webbing is one of the materials they use. Webbing is commonly made from cotton, nylon, or polyester and it is perfect for bag handles, straps and belts.

“In my fashion brand, I make use of webbing on belts for the handles and straps of bag packs because it eases stress. The webbings are also ready made, so you don’t need to cut or see them.” - Simisola Sogbesan, the founder and creative director of Hafsat Signature.


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How They Are Used

The notched collars are mainly used on tailored jackets, coats or blazers. In women’s fashion, they are also utilised in blazer dresses that can be worn to work or other formal events. For less formal outfits, fashion designers can use the notched collars for vests, dresses, shirts or even pyjamas tops.

Although the peter pan collar is very stylish and unique, not all fashion designers may be able to infuse it in their brands. 

“The peter pan collar can be used for outfits that are to be worn by any age group or body size, unlike the notched collar.” Lucy Chawe, the creative director of Asahi Clothing.

One method that Simisola Sogbesan mentioned is that bag makers mostly use the design fabric for the straps or handles of the bags. However, since the handles of bag packs carry a lot of weight, it is advisable to use webbing because it is stronger than the regular fabric.

These are some of the styles and methods that have clear advantages over others, and would be great to be infused in your brand, as a fashion entrepreneur.


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