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Here's How You Can Use Iridescent Outfits To Achieve Classy Looks Like Erica's And Rita Dominic's

October 29, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

It is another beautiful day to feast on styles that would up your fashion game. Apart from letting you in on the different styles of the moment in this column, we also dish out reasons why these styles are loved by many and various occasions you can wear them to.

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This week’s Style Of The Moment is one that you can draw inspiration from whether for classy and bougie events, or calm and subtle ones. Let’s get down to it!

Iridescent Colours

Iridescent colours are known to gradually change colour as the angle of illumination changes. Outfits designed with iridescent colours are usually for balls, parties, or other classy occasions.

These type of fabrics, the iridescent ones, can be used to design a range of styles including the one-shoulder style, high slit and many more, just like in the image above.

Full Skirt With Sash

The freedom and confidence that comes with wearing a full skirt, especially one with extra details like a sash, cannot be overstated. A full skirt is one that is more flattering without overly revealing any sexy curves.

The full skirt can be paired with a range of tops and this is largely what determines the occasion it can be worn to. A full skirt can be paired with an off-shoulder top for a casual event or an organza one for a formal event.

Mix Of English And Traditional

Usually in men’s fashion, most of the outfits are either fully traditional or modern English. The typical mix of English and traditional outfit is one that is designed to be either of the two with an obvious inclusion of the other.

What do we mean?

Just like in the picture above, the outfit is designed to be a traditional one, but with the inclusion of the English tuxedo style, it makes it even more unique.

Two-toned Outfit

The two-toned outfit style is one that makes a statement. A riff on colour blocking, but slightly more minimal, this two-toned style takes shape via contrasting colours and dresses, tops, skirts and a range of other outfits.

Just like in the image above, this style breathes freshness into any wardrobe in an instant without being all that tricky to pull off.

Double Slit

Who made the rule that an outfit, perhaps a dress or skirt, needs to have one slit alone? Well, some fashion designers and creative directors are going against the norm and we must say, we’re totally loving it.

The double-slit skirt, just like in the picture above has one located at the back right in the middle, while the other is a side slit in front. The slit which is added to outfits to allow for ease of movement always changes the look of the total outfit as well. This outfit can be worn for a range of events including formal and casual ones.

Sizzling, aren’t they? Those are some of the styles of the moment that are taking the fashion scene by storm, and you should definitely infuse them in your wardrobe!

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