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Here's How You Can Use Gussets To Add Extra Space And Movement In An Outfit

December 02, 2020 | by bolu | 2 Comments

There are terms and techniques that fashion entrepreneurs can infuse in their brands to make it unique. These techniques or styles such as bishop sleeves, v-neckline and so on the help to add more flair to an otherwise boring outfit or product.

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Stay with us as we check out how you can use gusset, scoop neckline, and carpi pants in your fashion brand.


In fashion designing, a gusset is a triangular or rhomboidal piece of fabric which is inserted in a seam to add breadth or reduce stress from tight-fitting clothing. It is also used to help shape and reinforce key points, like the underarms or crotch.

Adding these gussets for extra space in an outfit aids the movement of the wearer.

Scoop Neck

A scoop neckline is one in which the neckline drops significantly below normal limits. Scoop necklines are usually flattering as some, when worn by women, are cut low enough to display significant amounts of cleavage.

Unlike a neckline which is usually higher up and more snug against the neck, the scoop neckline is usually low and has a wide, u-shaped neck, thus showing more collarbone.

Capri Pants

In fashion designing, capri pants are pants that are longer than shorts but are not as long as trousers. They are usually cropped slim pants that are designed to end at the ankle bone.

Capri pants are often mistaken for cropped pants. However, capri pants end around the mid-calf, unlike cropped pants which stretch farther down to the ankles.

How These Terms Are Used

Typically, a gusset is used at the shoulders, underarms and hems of skirts or chemises to shape the garment to the body. This technique has also been channeled into bag making as bag makers now design gusset bags which are essentially bags with an expandable capacity.

The scoop neckline can be used for a range of outfits including casual, formal and traditional wears. This form of neckline is best paired with short voluminous necklaces or statement necklaces.

Capri pants can be paired with lots of shirt styles, and can, therefore, be rocked to both casual and formal occasions. 

These styles and techniques can help fashion entrepreneurs save time and stress, as well as gain more clients who love to look different.


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