Mauvelli | Here's How You Can Use Lace-Up Dresses For Unique Looks

Here's How You Can Infuse Lace-Up Dresses In Your Style For A Unique Look

October 22, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Outfits are a way to portray one's personal style or sense of fashion, and coupled with accessories and other fashion items, outfits with unique styles can up a person’s fashion game in no time.

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Whether it is by infusing unique and eccentric styles such as cross mono-strap style in your daily wardrobe, trendy styles of the moment can really help. You may also be wondering how you can stay updated on these latest styles, well, our Style Of The Moment column where we dish out various styles and fashion collaborations can help you choose from a range of styles and draw inspiration from others as well.

Batwing Sleeves

As you may already know, batwing sleeves are a form of long sleeve which are usually cut wide at the shoulder with deep armholes that leads to thin wrists, hence giving a wing-like appearance. In recent times, we have seen many fashion designers infuse the batwing sleeves to design tops and dresses for both casual and formal occasions.

This form of sleeves usually make the outfits super comfortable and chic. Also, the fact that it is a mix of puffed and straight sleeves makes it unique, and that is one of the reasons we love them.

Lace Capes

Capes, just like the ones superheroes wear, are not always necessary when it comes to fashion, but adding them to your regular outfits definitely makes it pop.

Unlike other forms of capes, which are usually made with Ankara or other traditional fabrics, lace capes are mostly used for bridal occasions, costume parties or casual occasions. One thing we also love about the lace cape is how it adds flare and glamour to the outfit in particular.

Plaid Outfits 

Whether designed as an English wear or a traditional one, plaid outfits have a broad appeal because of their history and, most of the time, they are regarded as work outfits.

Plaid outfits usually turn out unique mainly because of their signature patterns. Outfits such as tops, skirts or dresses made with plaid fabrics can be worn to a number of occasions, including work events.

Jeweled Corsets

Regular corsets have become quite popular over the months as fashion designers and creative directors have infused the style in many look books and editorials. Jeweled corsets, on the other hand, is a spin-off from the regular corsets as they are usually adorned with jewels and stones that would apiece up the look.

Just like in the image above, the jewels were placed in strategic positions, running through the entire bodice of the corset and around it as well.

Lace-Up Dress

One of the major benefits of having a lace-up dress is that it allows for flexibility when it comes to sizing, and depending on the creativity of the fashion designer, other styles can also be infused.

A lace-up dress is a perfect option for when your weight fluctuates or when you are planning to lose weight but don’t want to commit to a certain size. The lace-up dress is also quite versatile and classy.

The aforementioned styles such as the lace-up dress can be rocked to casual occasions while the batwing sleeves can be infused in more formal designs.

So, how about infusing these styles of the moment in your wardrobe to make it pop? Remember to subscribe down below to get notifications of these latest styles as soon as they drop. 


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