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Here's How The Wanni Fuga Fashion Brand Is Adding Value To The Nigerian Fashion Industry

August 12, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

The Nigerian fashion industry is one that has grown over the years in terms of size and sophistication. Since 2010, statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the textile, apparel, and footwear sectors have averaged a growth of 17%. This is as a result of the emergence of fashion brands that keep changing the narrative of the fashion industry.

Contemporary fashion brands and retail stores such as Imad Eduso, ALARA and many others have left a definitive mark in the Nigerian fashion industry which has attracted global investors and recognition. Wanni Fuga is a  fashion brand that celebrates African culture through flattering cuts and sophisticated aesthetics.

About Wanni Fuga 

Wanni Fuga is a contemporary womenswear fashion brand that produces ready-to-wear outfits with trend-setting abilities that appeal to a broad market. The fashion brand is owned by Toluwani Wabara, a civil engineer who made a total career switch when she followed her passion for cutting edge fashion. 

Toluwani Wabara started out making outfits for herself when she took an interest in fashion and trendy designs. The Wanni Fuga fashion brand was birthed properly in 2014 when the founder identified a gap in the market for ready-to-wear outfits.

"While in school in the UK, I could casually walk into stores such as Zara, Mango etc and pick up a reasonably priced outfit and look stunning. However, in Nigeria, we did not have many stores like those at the time."


The Wanni Fuga brand puts out various designs and outfits, asides their collections. Some of their collections include the Madame Collection, Simple By WF, Wanni Fuga Holiday 2016, and they all celebrate feminity while having a sophisticated aesthetic.

As Toluwani Wabara shared, the Madame Collection, which is the most recent collection, uncovers a contemporary, chic and ethereal look for the Wanni Fuga woman. Another thing that stands out in this collection is the colours used. The colour palette used in this collection range from fiery red to sage green, brown and many more which were specially chosen to inspire strength and confidence in a woman.

How Does Wanni Fuga Add Impact To The Nigerian Fashion Industry? 

It is popularly said that sharing one's knowledge is a way to achieve immortality. In this same light, Toluwani Wabara birthed the Atelier section of her brand to help fashion entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. WF Atelier is a platform that helps fashion entrepreneurs learn from her experiences as a designer, identify market gaps and equip them with essential tools to develop their unique fashion brand.

With a team of designers, pattern cutters, consultants and many more, these fashion entrepreneurs can learn the intricate details of starting a ready-to-wear fashion label, developing a ready-to-wear collection and so on.

"For me, these were some of the opportunities I would have benefitted immensely from when starting up my business, and it is the main motive in providing this initiative to upcoming fashion entrepreneurs." - Toluwani Wabara

Asides this, the WF Atelier also provides their participants with the opportunity to create their unique designs while leveraging the company's production capacity. The founder also offers scholarships on courses such as fashion illustration, to motivate more fashion entrepreneurs to gain from her valuable experience. 

The Wanni Fuga brand is one that has come very far over the years, and they have indeed grown despite all the challenges that accompany being a fashion entrepreneur in Nigeria.


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