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Here's How The Foremen Brand, Owned By Idris Sultan Is Growing To Be A Globally Recognized One

July 28, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

The footwear industry in Africa has gained remarkable recognition across borders as a result of the raw materials, labour and extraordinary talent put into the development. The industry with major players from Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and many more, has been estimated to be worth over 31 million USD, hence improving the economic growth of the countries.

Despite the numerous challenges which many footwear brands face in the continent, brands such as SoleRebels , Dew Davies, ENZI and so on, have consistently put out products that are increasingly accepted. The Foremen brand is another footwear brand in Africa that aims to redefine the modern-day man's shoe game, by producing comfortable handmade and handpainted footwear.

About The Foremen Brand 

The Foremen, established in 2013, is a Kenyan footwear brand that produces well structured, high quality and aesthetically pleasing shoes for modern men at affordable prices. The footwear brand is owned by Idris Sultan, a Tanzanian who first gained recognition when he emerged winner of the Big Brother Africa competition.

The Foremen Brand produces lace-up shoes, loafers, slip-on, monk strap shoes, as well as boots made with fine leather and suede to give an extra edge in a man's fashion style. With their dedicated team of talented in-house designers, they have successfully produced designs that draw an aura of elegance and sophistication in equal measures.

How The Brand Was Birthed  

At a young age, Idris Sultan only owned a pair of shoes that were way bigger than his feet and were worn for different occasions. As a result, he launched this brand with the main vision of equipping people with more options, and chances to explore their characters without boundaries. And like he said,

"Growing up, I went through phases, and realised that shoes tell more about you than clothes. They are the one detail that could make or break an outfit."

Another thing that influenced the birth of this brand was the fact that Idris Sultan noticed a gap in the Kenyan footwear industry. He noticed that Kenya was filled with fake brands and imitators, and the few original brands were overpriced, and therefore not readily available.

As a result, The Foremen brand was also launched to produce the highest and finest quality shoes at affordable prices.


Unlike many fashion and footwear brands which release fashion collections steadily, The Foremen consistently churns out new products and designs for their prospective and existing customers. With shoes representing cities of the world such as the Sicily Dark Brown Oxford, Marrakesh Black Tassle Loafers, the shoes are known to sharpen a man's fashion style.

With their production line set in the heart of Kenya, The Foremen brand has been able to establish many locals and citizens through employment, therefore having a positive socio-economic impact. 

The Foremen brand is one that has grown tremendously over the years, despite the challenges involved in setting up a footwear brand in Africa, and we must say kudos to their team!


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