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Here's How The ASOS Made In Kenya Collaboration Is Contributing To The Welfare Of African Communities And Creating Timeless Outfits

June 23, 2020 | by bolu | 8 Comments

Collaborating with other fashion houses to achieve a unique goal is one of the things that helps a fashion house grow their body of work by expanding their audience and clientele. Just like how DressMyCloset collaborated with Agbeke Alaso Oke and Lamas Clothing Nigeria to create the first aso-oke bridal in record time, ASOS has also collaborated with Soko Kenya to create timeless pieces for a large audience.

In 2010, ASOS, a popular British online fashion and cosmetic retailer, collaborated with Soko Kenya, an ethical clothing manufacturing unit that actively works against environmental issues in the country, to create seasonal collections consisting of male and female wears.

Soko Kenya

Soko Kenya was set up in Kenya in 2009 by Joanne Maiden to run a self-sustaining manufacturing business whilst having social and environmental principles at its core. 

By creating high-quality outfits thereby creating employment for people in the communities, as well as conducting training also, the brand has been able to provide people within the community a chance to improve their lives.

Collaboration With ASOS 

Many collections have been released as a result of the ASOS Made in Kenya collaboration, such as the SS20 collection, SS18 collection, and many others.

SS20 Collection 

The SS20 Collection is a fine mixture of bold prints and statement colour combinations made for modern people. The collection, which was designed to be a unisex one, features tops, shirts, and cloaks made with different forms of embroidery, leopard prints, and bright floral prints.

SS18 Collection 

With the brightly-coloured, floral, and geometric designs, this collection is one that brings a fresh pop of color to one's wardrobe.

Consisting of one-shoulder dresses, hoodies, jumpsuits, sundresses, and floral kimonos, this handmade collection is one that's boldly African.

How Does This Collaboration Work? 

The designs for the collections are done in London by the ASOS team then sent down to the Soko Kenya team in Kenya for it to be manufactured. Then, when the pieces are ready, they are marketed on the official ASOS website to be sold to the general public.

Impact On African Communities 

Because the Soko Kenya brand is passionate about giving back to communities, they have been able to set up various initiatives such as the Kujuwa Initiative, Stitching Academy, Soko Community Trust and many more where they enlighten men and women on financial literacy, how to reduce period poverty and so on!

With the help of ASOS through the ASOS Foundation, they have been able to develop sustainable water infrastructure, toilet facilities, and handwashing supports to ensure that schools and community members have access to these facilities. They have also held various camp programs with boys and girls to educate and normalize menstruation, with the aim to reduce poverty.

This collaboration has indeed impacted many Kenyan communities positively! 


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