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Here's How People Are Rocking The Plunging Neckline, Two-Part Sleeves And Many Other Styles Of The Moment

September 17, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

From a person's outfit, they say, one can determine the character, style and self of that person. Asides from the fact that well thought out outfits make one look good, it also affects how people address a person. So, do you need fashion styles that would show a true representation of your character and self?

Our Style Of The Moment column is designed to keep you posted on the latest fashion styles in the industry, that are probably in sync with your taste. We have previously looked at different styles, and to discover how you can make laced-up and cut-outs work, click here.

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Plunging Neckline

Outfits with plunging or deep V-necklines tend to give a vertical impression to one's look, making the wearer look leaner and even taller. Plunging necklines can go all the way down to the belly area, depending on the creativity and preference of the designer and customer respectively.

We also understand that outfits with plunging necklines may not entirely be great for all occasions, which is why they can simply be covered up with brown lace, like in the picture above. This style is very versatile and compatible with all body types.

Two-Part Sleeves

As a Mauvelli fashionista, you definitely cannot be rocking boring clothes! The two-part sleeve style is one that combines at least 2 different sleeves styles in one to create something unique.

For the different styles of sleeves like puffy sleeves, tiered sleeves and so on, they each have their uniqueness and combining two or more of these styles makes it more diverse. Just like in the picture above, the straight and tiered sleeves were combined to deliver an exquisite design of a typical work dress.

Statement Collars

One thing we love in outfits is when certain features make a definitive statement, like statement bows, which are designed to cover half the width of an outfit, and now statement collars.

Just like for the statement bows, statement collars could be designed to be larger than the rest of the outfit, or simply a different colour or design when compared to the rest of the outfit. These kinds of outfits can be worn to all sorts of occasions without any restrictions while remaining stylish.


It's amazing how well-executed embroidery takes a regular outfit to a 100. Embroidery is an extra way of beautifying outfits because it gives the impression that it is of high value, and has been designed carefully. 

Outfits that feature some form of embroidery are known to look distinct, crisp, professional, and neat. They, therefore, can be rocked to various occasions. 


Unlike the regular necklines, high necklines tend to be higher up on the neck. Depending on the style and creativity of the designer, high necklines could feature lace or crotchet details, or even some form of embroidery to create a more structured look.

Outfits with high necklines tend to be more formal, however, in a bid to spice things up, this style can be linked with other styles to deliver outfits for specific occasions. In the image above, the high neck style was infused with an off-shoulder one to give a unique outfit for that owambe.

Would you be rocking any of these fashion styles soon? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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