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Here's How Nelly Tuikong Birthed Kenyan Cosmetics Brand, Pauline Cosmetics, To Bridge The Non-Inclusion Of Melanin Makeup Products Gap

July 14, 2020 | by bolu | 2 Comments

It's somewhat easy to forget the beauty and cosmetics sector when speaking about the fashion industry. The fashion industry is a lot more than designing and producing clothes for customers to purchase, it spans across different sectors. 

Cosmetics and beauty products have a way of interpreting fashion and providing a versatile look, such that it can be switched from a natural look to an avant-garde one in a short time. Redefining makeup for African women is what Nelly Tuikong had in mind when she launched her beauty line, Pauline Cosmetics.

About Pauline Cosmetics 

Pauline Cosmetics, owned by Nelly Tuikong, is a makeup fashion brand that designs and creates beautiful makeup products for the African woman. The brand caters to the lip, face, and eye needs of African women.

What do we mean?

With a line of products that covers powders, lip gloss, eyeliners, mascara, foundation, eye shadow, and many more, Pauline Cosmetics has been able to provide affordable and high-quality beauty products for the everyday woman.

How The Brand Was Birthed 

Pauline Cosmetics was birthed when the founder, Nelly Tuikong, faced challenges while living in the US.

What were those challenges?

As a nursing student, back then, who was beautiful and stunning in her melanin glory, she couldn't find any shade of powder for her melanin skin. And as you might already know, using your shade of foundation or powder is very important when applying makeup to achieve a flawless look.

"There was a gap in the colour cosmetics division. I started entertaining the idea and soon couldn't shake it off." - Nelly Tuikong

This challenge prompted her to leave her job and relocate to Kenya, her home country, where she then started the beauty line named after her mother.

Impact Of Pauline Cosmetics On African Communities 

From collaborations with other brands such as LIMITLESS with Adelle Onyango and I Am Collection with Caroline Mutoko, the beauty line has made remarkable progress since its inception in 2013. Pauline Cosmetics was the first African makeup brand to be invited to exhibit at the Dubai Beauty World Expo, which is one is the world's leading expos.

How has this world recognition added value to African communities?

Being very passionate about the African woman, her brand has been able to create multiple jobs and serve as an inspiration to other women as a result of her resilience.

"Female entrepreneurs in Kenya need to rise up to the occasion, work hard, and not get discouraged." - Nelly Tuikong

The Pauline Cosmetics brand truly believes that makeup is more than enhancing and transforming one's look, but instead, it transforms a lifestyle. This passion has translated into unique and beautifully packaged products to allow for makeup to be fun and easy.

Kudos to the Pauline cosmetics brand for creating a new African narrative and representing the black woman with her beauty line.


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Beautiful and brave story ❤️. Location in Nigeria? Love to shop African brands

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Wow.. Are there outlets in Nigeria

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