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Here's How Mmuso Maxwell Draws Inspiration From African Heritage To Create Modern Tailored Designs

November 24, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

Although Nigeria is a country with countless creatives who channel their talents impressively in the fashion industry, other countries in Africa also have fashion entrepreneurs who are doing quite well.

Entrepreneurs such as Patrick MavrosLORNE and many more have grown their brands over the years for them to gain international standards and recognition. Mmuso Maxwell is a fashion brand located in South Africa that has had the opportunity to dress Beyonce as she toured the country.

So, how do the brand owners draw inspiration for the outfits to make them unique?

About Mmuso Maxwell

Mmuso Maxwell is a ready-to-wear high-end brand located in South Africa that creates garments inspired by the African heritage and contemporary culture for modern women. Since 2016, with their well-considered design process, accentuated detail as well as a deep emphasis on modern tailoring, they have been able to provide a sense of value and quality for these women.

The brand was founded by Maxwell Boko and Mmuso Potsane, two passionate fashion designers who competed in David Tlale Internship Program. After a while, considering their similar interests and design aesthetics, they decided to join forces and create the Mmuso Maxwell brand.

Design Inspiration

The Mmuso Maxwell brand is mainly inspired by home stories and African stories as well, just like the founders shared in an interview. They are also largely inspired by elderly women and the wisdom they share with others.

“I draw heavily from my own personal Xhosa heritage, lots of layering (not always in a literal sense), and stripes. And, in general, the way elderly women from villages dress highly influence our signature.” - Maxwell Boko

For their SS20 collection, they were mainly inspired by the Maasai women in the Umoja village, an all-female matriarch village located near the Sambru County in Kenya.

Top Competitors 

Rich Mnisi

Rich Mnisi is a contemporary South African fashion brand that explores the treasures engraved within Africa and the world of modern culture and heritage to tell unique stories. The menswear and womenswear brand offers a contemporary outlook to fashion and strives to push boundaries on gender blurs.

The eponymous brand which is owned and creative directed by Rich Mnisi, offers unique but pricey products for their target customers.

Maxhosa By LADUMA

As a South African knitwear and textile fashion brand, Maxhosa By LADUMA creates unique products for both men and women who have a keen eye for aesthetic pieces.

The brand owner, Laduma Ngxokolo draws his inspiration from art, breathtaking trends, happenings in the streets and many more.

Target Audience

Although they design for modern women, one thing that the brand owners keep in mind when designing outfits is to create clothes that are not necessarily trendy, but sustainable and relevant to present times.

“We are inspired by the proudly African woman, influenced by what is happening around her, values her African heritage knowing that Africa is the future. A fashion enthusiast, seeking clothing that is carefully considered when it comes to design, quality and practicality.”

The Mmuso Maxwell brand is one that focuses on beautifully detailed, wearable and versatile styling in natural and high-quality fabrics while utilizing the most sustainable production processes.

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