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Here's How Mimiremi Textiles Is Changing The Textile Industry In Nigeria And Africa

May 23, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Fashion designers, these days employ the use of mass-produced textiles or fabrics for designing many clothing outfits. Different fabrics are used for specific outfits, just as glittery fabrics are used for evening dresses so are lace fabrics used for bridal dresses, to make them look unique.

However, hand-printed fabrics that involve the use of sustainable and eco-friendly inks on fabrics are not very common in Nigeria, and Africa at large.

Mimiremi Textiles is one of the brands in Nigeria that specializes in hand-printing plain fabrics to create exclusive patterns that can be used both for fashion and interior design. 

"We tell the African story in prints." - Aderonke Jaiyeola

Story Behind MimiRemi Textiles

Mimiremi Textiles, which is a fashion brand that produces exclusive hand-printed fabrics for fashion designers, is owned by Aderonke Jaiyeola. She is a Fine Arts graduate that has a background in fashion designing, but a deepened affinity for textile designing.

"I specialised in textile design because I love designing fabrics prints. It's also one of the basic needs of human beings, which made it a great option to consider too." - Aderonke Jaiyeola

The textile brand is one that turns plain fabrics into beautiful works of art using different media. Exclusive patterns are hand-printed, whether on yardage or finished products, by highly trained women on fabrics and other surfaces. The inspiration for the prints on the textiles comes mainly from nature and the African culture. They strive, through their fabrics, to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Nigeria, and Africa at large.

How did Aderonke Jaiyeola Realize she Wanted to go into Textile Design?

After being in the business of fashion designing for about 7 years, Aderonke decided that it was time to channel her energy into doing something she immensely loved. After studying the textile industry in Nigeria, she discovered many business opportunities, especially in the area of textiles for fashion designing and interior designing.

"I discovered opportunities to create employment for women and youths through textiles." - Aderonke Jaiyeola

Textile Industry In Nigeria

The textile industry in Nigeria is not flourishing as it should due to certain hindrances that have slowed down the growth of the industry. Some of these hindrances include a lack of adequate power supply and the influx of prints from other countries like China.

Another one of the problems is the fact that textile designers don't have access to factories locally to print their designs on fabrics.

"Most times, when fashion designers request for prints of custom-made fabrics for their brand, textile designers have to print from other countries, and this makes it more expensive due to payments for logistics, shipping and many more." - Aderonke Jaiyeola

Mimiremi Textiles And Society

In a bid to give back to the society, and empower both employed and unemployed individuals, the fashion brand organizes weekly training sessions, both free and paid, in their studio in Lagos, especially for women. 

They also partner with schools to teach students the art of textile designing and fabric identification methods. 

Effects Of Hand-Printed Textiles In The Nigerian And African Fashion Industry

The fabrics used in Mimiremi textiles are made from pure cotton and linen, which are sustainable materials, that is, they do not harm the environment and they can be reused.

What about the ink used?

The inks Mimiremi uses in hand-printing fabrics are water-based and eco-friendly, which makes them sustainable too. So, the Mimiremi Textile brand is one that is following the rules of sustainable fashion.

With custom-made fabrics, fashion brands can stand out from the crowd and make a statement.

"We want designers to be able to boast that their clothings are 100% African, from the fabrics weaving to fabric design, as well as printing and the final production." - Aderonke Jaiyeola

The fashion industry surely needs a vibrant textile industry to harness its full potential. The textile industry also can create an amazing variety of clothing pieces in the fashion industry, as well as creating employment for youths.



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