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Here's How Haute Couture Fashion Brand, Odio Mimonet Uses Traditional Fabrics To Create Unique But Pricey Designs

November 17, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

By employing unique strategies in their fashion brands, a lot of fashion entrepreneurs have helped change and improve the outlook of fashion as a whole in Africa. Various African fashion brands including clothing, accessories, and footwear brands are now widely recognized because of these unique strategies. 

Odio Mimonet is an haute couture fashion brand located in Lagos that provides high-quality designs and pieces for the woman who need functional, versatile and chic outfits. So what changes has Odio Mimonet been able to make to the haute couture fashion scene in Nigeria? And what truly makes them spectacular?


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About Odio Mimonet

For over 20 years, Odio Mimonet has been producing couture for a discerning clientele. Each of their outfits are lovingly crafted using the best quality fabrics and materials and extreme attention is paid to every detail right from the design stage to the hand finishing.

“The Odio Mimonet woman is graceful and elegant, yet tough with a tireless work ethic - as personified by the Nigerian woman.”

The brand is owned and creative directed by Odion Oseni, an award-winning fashion designer and creative who went to the London College of Fashion to pursue her interest in fashion desgning.

Her trademark use of strong Ankara and print themes have translated in so many unique designs and outfits that continues to inspire and liberate women.


Haute couture is one of the few aspects in the fashion industry that many brand owners do not delve into, but Odion Oseni has handled it quite nicely over the years. Due to the fact that the concept of haute couture is basically high dressmaking, all outfits in the Odio Mimonet brand are mostly constructed by hand by very capable designers using only the highest quality fabric and time-consuming, one-of-a-kind techniques.

“Since opening its atelier doors, the Odio Mimonet brand's focus on delivering haute couture made from a uniquely African perspective has remained the same still.”

Top Competitors 

Deola Sagoe 

Deola Sagoe the founder and creative director of House of Deola Sagoe is regarded as the leading lady of African haute couture fashion. The fashion brand is widely known for using African hand-woven materials and contemporising almost-lost traditional African techniques.

Deola Sagoe, the designer, is also known for her uncanny attention to detail, her expert handling of a diverse range of fabrics as well as her exemplary grasp of different female body types.

Imane Ayissi 

Imane Ayissi is an eponymous haute couture fashion brand in Cameroon that blends craftsmanship with traditional materials and well thought-out cuts and designs to create the ideal African wardrobe for both males and females. The brand specialises mainly in bespoke and luxury ready-to-wear outfits made with sustainable materials while emanating elegance.

The designer, Imane Ayissi, is also changing the outlook of haute couture in Africa as he became the first black African designer to showcase his designs on the prestigious Paris Haute Couture catwalk stage.


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Target Audience And Pricing

Outfits designed in the Odio Mimonet brand are targeted at modern women who desire functional, chic and versatile outfits to rock to various occasions. In the recently released Smart Money Woman Series , an Odio Mimonet piece was rocked by a stylish working class lady to exude great levels of elegance and poise.

Depending on the type of outfit and how recently it was released, the prices in the brand range from about 70,000 to about 850,000 all in Naira. 

The Odio Mimonet brand is one that is changing the entire outlook of haute couture in Nigeria, although their pieces tend to be pricey.


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