Mauvelli | Here's How Funsho Install Built The Install Brand

Here's How Funsho Install Built The Install Brand Despite Challenges With Advertising And Customer Size Charting

October 28, 2020 | by bolu | 3 Comments

As a fashion entrepreneur, apart from running your fashion brand to the best of your knowledge and capacity, it is advisable to learn from the mistakes and challenges other entrepreneurs have faced to avoid them moving forward.

Fashion Phoenix is that column that brings to you different tales of notable fashion entrepreneurs, like Adewunmi Olowokande of Dew DaviesTosin Joshua of Reni Jaitu, and many more, about how they have built their brands despite challenges over the years.

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The Install Brand is a modern contemporary brand owned by one of the finest fashion entrepreneurs in Nigeria. We had a chat with the founder and creative director,  Funsho Install, and he shared how he has been able to grow the Install brand over the years.

Stay with us on this journey and we are certain you would experience a lot of Aha moments!


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About The Install Brand

The Install Brand is a contemporary fashion brand that caters to both men and women. They design a range of modern outfits such as two-pieces, crop tops, summer tops, dresses, and many more that are indeed versatile and unique. The brand has a range of celebrities including Mr Macaroni, Joe boy, Basket mouth,  BBNaija Season 5 winner, Laycon and many more as clients. 

The Install brand is owned by Funsho Install, a Babcock graduate of International Law and Diplomacy. Unlike other fashion entrepreneurs who create their brand as a means to earn more income, Funsho Install launched his brand when many people in his university then admired his outfits and wanted to purchase them.

“I was inspired by the mere fact that my friends in university wanted to wear or get whatever I had on at the time, because I’m quite fashion savvy. The best decision of my life was certainly to go down this path and I am grateful to God.”

Just like many fashion entrepreneurs also, the Install Brand has faced their fare share of challenges and struggles. But, as they all say, as an entrepreneur you should be able to see your mistakes as lessons learned in a bid to avoid them later in the future.

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With regards to advertising and their target audience, here is what Funsho Install had to share with us.


As you may already know, advertising is a marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea. As a fashion entrepreneur, it is important to advertise your products to the general public to attract more customers and clients to your brand.


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Depending on the fashion brand, different brand owners employ different modes of advertising channels to push their products, whether through social media, e-mail marketing, word-of-mouth or any other form.

The Install brand mainly pushes out their products on social media, mostly Instagram and Twitter. Over the years, just like he shared with us, both channels have been very efficient as they have helped boost sales and attract more clients.

“In 2019, I posted a shirt on Twitter and it blew up and that was it for my Twitter journey as Funsho Install.”

Somethings however affect the effectiveness of these social media format of advertising, and he shared some with us.

Influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that involves endorsements and product placements from influencers, people and organisations that have a social influence in that field. One major mistake, just like the founder shared, fashion entrepreneurs make is that they think all influencers can promote fashion content.

Influencer marketing is big but not all influencers can push all types of brands.”

Fashion brands need to be specific about the kind of influencers they work with.

Sponsored ads. 

Just like other forms of marketing, as well, not all sponsored ads may yield results just like Funsho Install shared with us.

As regards advertising on social media, some of the things that has helped the Install brand is churning out good content and posting quality pictures.

“There’s really no need for long talk in your social media pages. Just keep it simple and classy.”

Target Audience

One thing that makes the Install brand stand out apart from their unique designs is their colour palette and choice of fabric. This, amongst other things, has made a particular type of audience gravitate to their products.

As always, certain challenges may arise when dealing with a particular set of target audience, and one of these challenges is sizing. Different customers have different sizes, so creating numerous designs in various sizes is usually a bit of a challenge.


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“Most times, different customers request for a range of sizes, while, at the same time, trying to request for the outfits in different colours and designs.” 

One thing, however, that the founder has infused in his brand is understanding the needs of each customer and being patient with them.

“We aren’t perfect, but, trust me, we give it our best and it’s important to understand your customers.”

As his final piece of advice to fashion entrepreneurs, Funsho Install said,

“As a fashion entrepreneur, you need to be sure if you’re just in for the money, satisfy your clients or perhaps both. You should also endeavour to pray a lot and keep it simple. Also, remember that it is only you that can adequately and effectively sell your business.” 

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