Mauvelli | SVNR Makes Jewellery From Shells, Stones, And Porcelain

Here's How Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand, SVNR Uses Shells, Stones, Porcelain, And More To Make Jewellery Pieces

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In the fashion industry, almost any material can be turned from being a normal random material to being a beautiful fashion piece.

Fashion designers have used shrapnellab-grown diamonds, and beads to showcase fashion and tell compelling stories to the world. SVNR is yet another jewellery brand that uses unlikely items for its jewellery pieces. In addition to writing on SVNR's practices, we got opinions from women in various works of life to see if they will rock jewellery pieces made the SVNR way.

SVNR is a sustainable jewellery brand that was "born from the union of ethics and aesthetics". SVNR which was coined from, and is pronounced like, the French verb 'Souvenir' was founded by Christiana Tung in 2018. She is also the founder of House Of. 

SVNR handmakes jewellery from found, reused, upcycled, and natural materials, such as shells, beads, porcelain, precious and semi-precious stones, each with a reference to 'a unique time and place in the collective human consciousness'.

The brand brings sustainable manufacturing practices and conscious consumption together with customers' love for fashion and its ability to cause change. 

" I will wear jewellery made from upcycled items if the designs are really nice and well carved" - Ogochuckwu Chinedu, Lawyer.

Due to their practices, the brand produces little to no waste and each of their pieces has a burst of colours and a certain playful vibrancy to them that is hard to ignore. 


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SVNR Collections

The SVNR brand has a total of 3 jewellery collections which comprise of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Each collection is filled with unique items like porcelain, cowrie shells, seashells, pearls, and precious stones such as Jasper, agate, quartz, and moganite.

"I'll definitely rock jewellery made with shells, stones, beads, and so on. If it fits the outfit to be worn and the mood of the moment, yup! 😁" - Chidinma Mbonu, HR Professional.

The pieces in each collection are named after different cities and places in the world that their designer has been to. With pieces named after places like Lagos, Beijing, Nairobi, and Antarctica, the collections are fused with global cultures, giving each piece a unique touch.


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"I can rock necklaces with beads depending on the style, but as for earrings, just pearls and studs will do because they suit my style, plus I believe they make a person look more mature and classy." - Praise Adebayo, Events Planner.

One noteworthy thing about the brand is the fact that most of their earring pieces are sold individually and not in pairs because their earrings are meant to be mixed and matched. Their earring come as both dangling pieces and studs. 

"I will definitely rock jewellery made from shells, stones, and pearls because I believe in upcycling items and I believe the designs will be unique so I won't see it on anyone else" - Oreoluwa Oludiya, Auditor.

Apart from jewellery, the brand also designs fashion items like bags and dresses. Their bags come much like the jewellery pieces - decorated with trinkets, shells and stones. Each bag they make is unique and beautiful in its way. 


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SVNR's dresses are inspired by nature and come in 12 colours, ranging from fire red to cloud white. The designs of their slip dresses are so minimal and timeless that they can be worn with anything - this includes their vibrantly coloured jewellery pieces. 

"I don't really like beads. But I can buy cowrie shells and stones. Cowrie shells look really nice when made into small necklaces and when used as a hair accessory. It gives this African feel. I will buy stones only if they look cuteπŸ™‚" - Glory Nelson, Writer.

SVNR and Sustainability

Everything, from the their materials to their handmade finished pieces speaks to sustainability. Through using found, reused, upcycled, and natural materials for  pieces, SVNR is helping to reduce fashion waste. 

Items that would naturally have gone to landfills are taken and repurposed to create beautiful pieces. Hand making their products also means that the fashion brand is reducing its carbon footprint, thereby helping save the environment from further pollution.



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