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Here's How Asata Maisé Uses Repurposed Vintage Fabrics To Make One-of-a-kind Patchwork Fashion Pieces

October 29, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

With the amount of waste the fashion industry contributes to the environment, many fashion brands are embracing sustainable and eco-friendly practices in their production processes. Brands like SVNR use shells and stones for their jewellery pieces and others like Petit Pli make clothes that grow with children all in a bid to remain sustainable. 

Asata Maisé is an eponymous fashion brand founded by 27-year-old Asata Maisé in 2016. The brand is one that has sustainability, circularity and an exploration into history at its heart. 

Asata Maisé is a self-taught designer that handmakes all of her pieces using repurposed vintage fabrics to create one-of-a-kind 90's inspired pieces. 

Asata Maisé, who started sewing at 15, became a designer by accident after she opted into the textiles and clothing elective program at her high school. She opted to be a full-time fashion entrepreneur because she wanted to be able to create full-time without having to give in to stereotypes.

The brand which draws inspiration from classic films and pretty much everything the designer comes in contact with, including new places, food, and nature. By using vintage fabrics and infusing a touch of modernity into her pieces, Asata Maisé creates pieces that are a modern reimagination of past trends.


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The brands signature pieces are those made from a patchwork of colourful fabric. From the classic shoulder bag and baguettes to body-skimming dresses, tailored blazers, and bucket hats, the designer makes an array of patchwork pieces that can only be described as bright, bold, and unique. 

With sustainability being a cornerstone of the brand, Maisé sources vintage textile from Etsy, eBay, and, occasionally, local fabric stores. Owing to their practices, no two patchwork pieces are the same, allowing each customer to have a different item from the next person. 

Asata Maisé is a one-man team that involves herself in every aspect of the production process of her pieces. From taking clients' measurements to drawing designs, selecting patterns and hand-sewing buttons and hems, Maisé focuses on building her brand. 

Asata Maisé, Sustainability and Customer Acceptance

By using vintage fabrics for their pieces, Asata Maisé focuses hard on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Also, by reusing fabrics and materials, the brand finds a way to reduce its carbon footprint and encourage circularity in the fashion industry. 


I’ve been making hats. One is up for sale. Link in bio. (Sold, thank you 💓)

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This means that, because of the brand's practices, fewer fabrics find their way to landfills thereby reducing the amount of waste the fashion industry produces. 

Since customers love unique pieces, Asata Maisé pieces, especially the patchwork shoulder bag, get sold out almost immediately after they are put up for sale on Instagram. By infusing little pieces of fabric into their designs to make their items unique, they have succeeded in setting themselves apart from the competition.


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