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Here's How Anifa Mvuemba Of Hanifa Fashion Brand Delivered The First Digital Runway Show Using 3D Models

May 25, 2020 | by bolu | 2 Comments

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic which affected many sectors in the world, including the fashion sector, many companies have had to look for alternatives. From organizing virtual fashion weeks such as the Lagos Fashion week using many technologies and software including Zoom, lots of fashion entrepreneurs have leveraged this situation immensely.

The latest fashion brand to pioneer a fashion idea, by releasing a collection virtually, due to this pandemic is the Hanifa fashion brand, owned by Anifa Mvuemba.

Anifa Mvuemba, the founder and lead designer of Hanifa, is a Congolese contemporary women's wear fashion designer who creates classy and elegant apparel for women.

Inspiration Behind The Collection

The collection was inspired by Africa and Congo in particular. The lead designer wanted to explore with her designs the controversy around the mining practices in Congo. 

"I wanted this collection to support the families that were affected and the organizations that are doing the good work." - Anifa Mvuemba 

Through this collection, she tapped into the beauty, gentleness, history, and poise of the country, to inspire all women to stand tall in their power and use their history, whether pretty or painful to redesign their future, just like the Democratic Republic of Congo.

How Was The Collection Showcased?

The Hanifa Pink Label Collection was showcased on Instagram using 3D models. Using CLO 3D, which is a pattern-making software that helps designers visualize their designs in 3D, Anifa Mvuemba was able to give showcase her designs in a digital runway. The innovative designer was already exploring the possibilities of a virtual fashion show using 3D.

"Designing content using 3D models and now an entire collection has been a game-changer for me." - Anifa Mvuemba

With this technology, all the outfits appeared to be worn by models, with all the body features pronounced on the digital runway. The designer leveraged the advantages of CLO 3D, to give the audience a 360 degrees view, as well as arrange the garment pieces at the exact point they were meant to be.

This pattern making software could be a game-changer for modern fashion designers.

Some of the outfits that were showcased on the digital runway include the Kinshasa Backless Mini Dress which was designed using the colours of the flag of Congo, the Zaire Denim Suit, which featured the wide leg design that resembles the long tradition of hard work for the Congolese woman.

The Jolie Maxi Dress from the collection was also designed to enhance the untapped essence of a woman's skin tone, similar to the richness of Congo. The Mai Maxi Dress was inspired by the Congo River and the gentle confidence of the Congolese people. The design was created to flow like the rivers of Congo. All these and more are the outfits that were showcased in the digital fashion runway by the Hanifa fashion brand.

The designs in this collection were truly inspired by the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Anifa Mvuemba being the first fashion designer to organize a digital fashion runway using 3D models is something worth celebrating!


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