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Here's How Ada Diamonds Creates Memory-Filled Lab-Grown Diamonds For Their Clients

November 12, 2020 | by Iyin | 1 Comment

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, they say. Through the years, diamonds have been seen as a sign of wealth and opulence by many across the world. They are, many times, used as an expression of love, gratitude, and significance among loved ones. 

As many already know, diamonds are formed from carbon after many years of being compressed by the earth. These precious stones are then mined, cut, and polished to produce the sparkling stone we all love. 

“No pressure, no diamonds.” - Thomas Carlyle

Now, however, not all diamonds are mined, some are grown in labs but they still come out as special and precious as mines ones. 

Ada Diamonds is a sustainable jewellery brand that deals in the production of lab-grown diamonds for engagement and wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. The company was founded by "two partners seeking true brilliance".

After deciding to get married in 2011 and finding it hard to get laboratory-grown diamonds, husband and wife duo, Jason Payne and Lindsay Reinsmith, founded Ada Diamonds. The luxury jewellery brand is named after lady Ada Lovelace.

The brand, whose core values are hinged on quality, artistry, and integrity, was founded to help others build beautiful, meaningful diamond jewellery to show their love kindly. 

All of the diamonds at Ada Diamonds have “the exact same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties, and physical properties as mined diamonds".  This means that it is hard to tell the difference between a mined diamond and one of Ada Diamond's diamond. 

All the rings they sell are custom and made-to-order and through their work, Ada Diamonds has taken customisation and personalisation to a whole new level. The company has a patent-pending process that allows them to grow diamonds from materials that are meaningful to their clients. 

They take something that holds the best memories of their clients and turn it into a diamond that will last forever. The Lavoisier diamonds, which take about 6 months to create, are formed after the material has been broken down into its basic carbon element. 

Materials such as flowers, cakes, champagne corks, photographs, favourite beverages and so on are burnt and turned, through pressure, into a diamond that will be dearer to its wearer because of the memories they hold.

Ada Diamonds and Sustainability.

Unlike with mined diamonds, Ada Diamonds grows diamonds in a lab sustainably using state-of-the-art facilities. This means that their practices do not pose any threat to land and plays no role in displacing communities. 

Since the growth of Ada diamonds requires only carbon and electricity, their diamonds are sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly. Also, no one loses their life over lab-grown diamonds unlike with mined diamonds that has thousands of blood diamonds growing around. 

Ada Diamonds and Giving Back.

Ada Diamonds is one that believes in giving back. The work with Pledge 1 Percent to support various causes. Some of the causes they support include non-profit organisations (NGO) that provide access to healthcare, support women's rights and promote opportunities for learning and development to women globally. 

They also support NGOs that - provide access to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education globally; support communities that are adversely affected by the effects of mining; help individuals with substance abuse; and provide relief after natural disasters. 


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