Mauvelli | Here Are Top 5 Brands You Didn't Know Were Owned By Muslims

Here Are Top 5 Brands You Didn't Know Were Owned By Muslims

July 31, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

Happy Eid Kabir esteemed Mauvelli readers! It's a season of celebration as we've already started seeing lots of dressing styles from our Muslim brethren. With abayas, shawls, turbans, and all other outfits and accessories, this year's Eid Kabir is a banger!

In celebration of this year's festival, here are some of the fashion brands that are doing well in the fashion industry and are owned by Muslim entrepreneurs.

Elora Collection 

Elora collection is a clothing fashion brand that creates beautiful modest clothing with a contemporary style. Inspired by the gap in fashion brands that design clothes for modern women, the Elora Collection brand is changing the way modest women approach fashion and personal style.

This fashion brand is owned and creatively directed by Hafsah Mohammed, a fashion designer, blogger and lifestyle mogul. She created this brand to change the ideology that a modest woman cannot be fashionable and stylish. Just like she said, she wanted to design for modest women, as well as give them the everyday trend and fashion-in covered clothes.

The Elora collection is an ethical brand that produces a whole range of products to cater for modest fashion women.


Timabee is a luxury fashion brand that puts out quality products that are stylish, yet affordable. The fashion brand employs the use of high-end leather to produce clutches, bags, and stone-studded shoes.

The brand is owned by Fatimah Babakura, a young Nigerian entrepreneur passionate about leveraging our tradition to create fine handmade products in a modern way. With the detailed craftsmanship and expertise involved in the production of Timabee's goods, the founder has been able to encourage modern women to embrace African luxury brands.

House Of Kaya 

House Of Kaya is a Nigerian haute couture brand that produces unique outfits for conservative Muslim women, all around the world. The haute couture line which was launched over 8 years ago uses different fabrics to design dresses, abayas, and many other modest outfits.

The brand is owned and creatively directed by Ibrahim Aminu Abdulmumini. The owner, who studied fashion design in the Philippines, aims for the fashion house to inspire Nigerian youths while being globally recognized.


Zashadu is a leading Nigerian sustainable luxury brand that specialises in handcrafted leather pieces. The bags, which are specially made, were designed to strike a balance between quiet elegance and unabashed glamour.

Zashadu is owned by Zainab Ashadu who hails from the Northern part of Nigeria. She works with raw leather sourced from the North which is then tanned or dyed with vegetable dyes and other environmental friendly dyes to create bags. With these leather, Zainab Ashadu creates modern, colourful clutch purses, totes, shoes, small leather goods and handbags for the modern woman.

Pink Fleur

Pink Fleur is a contemporary fashion brand that produces bespoke and ready to wear outfits and accessories for innovative women. The brand, which was founded in 2013, draws inspiration from the Nothern part of Nigeria, in terms of culture and heritage.

Pink Fleur is owned by Zainab Salihijo-Jiddah, a fashion designer and style enthusiast. Through her brand, she aims to serve as a major interpreter of style for the contemporary woman. The Pink Fleur brand creates original and unique pieces, like abayas and dresses, while incorporating innovative elements.

Shout out to all the Muslim owned fashion businesses and happy celebrations!

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