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Here Are Some Of The Vintage Styles That Are Back On The Fashion Scene

May 18, 2020 | by bolu | 3 Comments

The term vintage is not uncommon these days, as trends and designs are being revamped into contemporary styles. We have seen lots of stylists wearing clothes from generations before, and by pairing them with the right accessories, they look modern and classy.

From a survey we took, we discovered that most fashion customers love vintage pieces because of their texture, feel, and aesthetics. Though vintage pieces are timeless, a few customers weren’t so keen about the fashion style.

What are vintage outfits?

Vintage outfits are old styles of clothing that originated from a previous era, usually over 100 years. They are also regarded as retro styles because they display the characteristics of the outfits from the past. Vintage outfits, ranging from tops to skirts and trousers can be worn by anyone in this modern age, as long as they are styled right.

Here are some of the vintage styles that are back in style, and what we love about them.


Dungarees are trousers with straps that help to hold bibs upright. These outfits are similar to jumpsuits, except that another piece of clothing has to be worn beneath the dungarees. In the past, dungarees were made to be work clothes and were entirely made with denim.

But these days, dungarees are made with Ankara fabric and are most times shortened to achieve a chic and classy look. We have noticed many stylists from many indigenous fashion brands, including Sgtc Clothing, rocking this style.

Vintage shirt

The most common vintage outfit worn by people is the vintage shirt. Vintage shirts can be paired with trousers, skirts, or any form of denim without looking old or worn out.

The shirts, which may seem regular, have a distinct texture and aesthetics that makes them attractive to most people nowadays.

Boot cut/ Wide-Leg Pants

Boot cut or wide-leg pants are pants that are evenly wide throughout the whole leg. They can either maintain straight tailored lines or be baggy. Wide leg pants became very popular amongst women in the 1940’s when they had to work, and still be comfortable doing it.

Wide-leg pants are now made with modern fabrics and prints. Looks on boot cut or wide-leg pants have been featured on many Instagram pages recently, including Style Connaisseur  and Style Hive.

These are some of the vintage styles that are being revamped now, and we absolutely love them! 




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