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Here Are Some Of The Top Fashion Accessories Brands In Lagos And Ibadan

July 17, 2020 | by bolu | 3 Comments

Fashion accessories, such as necklaces, handbags, and scarves, are worn to enhance the personality, style and look of a person. When fashion accessories are added to one's outfits, they have a way of polishing that person's look and defining the entire outfit.

We understand that fashion accessories are quite important, which is why it is necessary to purchase unique ones. So, here are some of the top fashion accessories brands in Lagos and Ibadan that design spectacular accessories for customers.

May Coutures 

Located in the heart of Ibadan, May Coutures is a unique fashion accessories brand that is creatively directed by Temitayo Balogun. The brand is one that designs straight ties, lapel pins, cuff links, pocket squares for males attending all sorts of occasions, including weddings.

They also design products for ladies such as fascinators, earring, bangles and many more made with the finest African wax print fabrics like Adire.

House Of Tabeit 

In this age where natural hair enthusiasts are taking fashion to a whole new level, satin bonnets have become increasingly popular. The House of Tabeit brand produces satin bonnets, headbands, backpacks, footwear and many more, all made with African wax prints.

The Lagos-based fashion brand is the home for quality handmade Ankara products, made affordable for customers.

Tag Designs 

Tag designs is a fashion accessory brand located in Lagos that serves the finest and affordable products for their customers. They put out a range of fascinators, hats, turbans, autogeles, and many more for their customers.

With elegant headpieces designed, this brand has been able to stand out amongst others by using unique materials and fabrics.

TJL Signature

The TJL Signature fashion brand is one that designs Ankara totes, fanny packs, earrings, hand bands, as well as other crafts made with Ankara. 

The Ibadan-based fashion brand creates outstanding pieces to be worn by both males and females.

Latej Creations 

How wonderful would it be to have wallets, pocket squares, ties, or even cufflinks made with Ankara? Well, that is what the Latej Creations brand offers and is widely known for.

With products ranging from ties to wallets, earrings, headpieces, and cufflinks, this fashion accessories brand in Lagos caters for both the needs of men and women.

Adorned By Alisa 

Known for their unique gloss African print fascinators, the Adorned By Alisa brand, located in Lagos, is one that designs a range of affordable products for their customers.

Some of their products include fedora hats for both men and women, lapels, pearled berets, shimmery headpieces, ties, fascinators, and many more. 

O Nath Signatures 

With flat drop earrings, 2 strands drop earrings, and African wax print neckpieces, the O Nath Signature fashion brand is a strong contender in the fashion accessories sector.

The O Nath Signatures brand, located in Lagos, creates unique handcrafted Ankara accessories for customers to look fabulous!

Soft Dot

Soft dot, a fashion accessory brand in Ibadan, designs turbans, fascinators, and floral headpieces with matching outfits like abayas and kaftans.

One thing to note about the Soft dot brand is that they put out outfits that would properly match the accessories.

And why is this important?

With this method or strategy, the brand reduces the chances of customers searching for matching outfits, by simply providing a suitable option.

Those are some fashion accessories brand located all over that design unique products!


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