Mauvelli | Here Are Some Styles You Can Check Out For The Holidays

Here Are Some Of The Styles You Can Check Off Your List For The Holiday Season

December 03, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

The holiday season is upon us, and we all know that with this season comes many events and outings to attend. 

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Have you been steadily updating your wardrobe, or have you been chilling for the holiday season? Whatever the case, we have got you covered. Here are different styles you can rock to various occasions during this season.

Formal Occasions

The holiday season is usually preceeded by lots of meetings such as staff meetings, end-of-year meetings or quarterly meetings. And well, there is absolutely no reason for you to look shabby for those meetings.

A simple black dress with balloon sleeves, or any other sleeve style that would give a dramatic effect, would be a good touch. This look can be paired with your favourite accessories and a pair of matching strapped heels or pumps to go.

We absolutely love this style because it is versatile while retaining that formal or official look.

Still in the spirit of formal looks, a formal suit made with plaid or other unique prints could definitely be that unique touch you need in your wardrobe.

Just like we said earlier, plaid or any other form of unique print usually adds a masculine appeal to an outfit. Just like in the image above, this suit can be paired with a white shirt, and to add a dramatic feel to it, it could be paired with a gold necklace or any other necklace to match.

Wedding/Owambe Occasions 

Over the weeks, we have looked at how you can infuse various sleeve styles, necklines and all other components to create a unique design. For that unique wedding or owambe event, a v-shaped ruffle sleeve would bang.

What do we mean?

Just like in the image above, a ruffle shaped like a V can be used to add more flair to an otherwise basic outfit. Other elements such as cut-outs or brown lace can also be included in the overall design for a different look.

Casual Outings

Lots of picnics, indoor parties, and hangouts would definitely be in season this period, and you would certainly have to look your part. For men, who have limited style options, you can kick the event off with a stylish two-piece of any colour.

Just like in the image above, the stylish two-piece, depending on the taste of the customer and the fashion designer, can be designed with unique necklines such as a plunging neckline or a shawl neckline. The two-piece can then be paired appropriately with beads, jewellery and so on.

Beach Parties

What is the holiday season without a trip to the beach or one of your favourite resorts? Taking a trip to the beach or a private resort during this season is all about letting off the steam from all the other months of the year and having fun.

This, therefore, translates to showing a lot of skin and getting some of the vitamin D in the sun in. 

For a complete beach look, just like in the image above, a thigh-high slit skirt with a corset top or cropped top with cuffed sleeves would be a good fit. This look can also be paired with an oversized beach hat for stylish purposes.

These are some of the items you can check off on your holiday wardrobe list! Do let us know what your favourite outfit and occasions in the comment section down below.

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