Mauvelli | Here Are Some Of The Events That You Can Attend This Week

Here Are Some Of The Events Holding This Week That You Can Attend

August 03, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

Just like a new week brings new opportunities and possibilities, Mauvelli brings events happening all through the week that fashion entrepreneurs can benefit from. Events serve as an avenue for business owners to network, pitch business ideas, gain new clients and many more.

While some events may be virtual rather than physical, by networking and reaching out to like-minded individuals, a fashion brand owner and their brand would be able to position themselves for global opportunities. With that in mind, here are some of the events happening around this week that you can attend.

Growing Your Business With Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp  

Empower Africa Project is a company with a vision of raising digital entrepreneurs across all the countries in Africa by organising digital skills training, entrepreneurship training and so on. They organised this webinar to help tackle the challenges that SMEs face today, as regards online or digital marketing.

This training is designed to teach participants the fundamentals of digital marketing, and how it can translate to growth for a business. The goal is to help business owners understand their brand and target audience better, as well as how best to reach and service customers online.

Taking place on the 4th of August at noon. You can click here to register.

How To Master Your Own Fashion Business 

With the numerous factors involved in building a successful fashion brand, such as brand awareness, marketing and many more, speaking to a fashion business expert can help brands. ImageLab Fashion School is organising this webinar to help individuals at all levels in their fashion business grow, as well as learn the secret steps to save time, energy and resources.

Nova Lorraine, an author and award-winning designer is a real example of an empowering woman who built her fashion empire from the ground, and she hopes to share the knowledge and experience gained over the years with participants.

This event is slated to hold on August 4 by 5 pm. Click here to register, if interested.

How To Design Your Work Life

Organised by How To Academy, an organisation helping people to think big, this webinar aims to focus on the politics and psychology of work and the design principles needed to thrive in the workplace. 

This event is organised to equip participants with the knowledge needed to define and find their happiness in this ever-moving landscape, which is rich with opportunity and possibility.

This event is holding on August 4 by 6 pm. To register, click here.

Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst 

Often, fashion business owners experience setbacks or low moments when dealing with clients, customers, or perhaps in the daily running of the business. As business owners, we understand that facing challenges is normal, however, how do you handle them? How are you able to prepare yourself and brand for that setback, if any occurs?

David McLaughlin, a personal development, leadership and management coach, is anchoring this webinar to coach people on how to explore building contingency in their various businesses. This webinar would focus on the key tools and techniques for identifying potential threats to success, how to use this information to put protective measures in place, and many more.

This event is taking place by 10 am on August 3. To register, click here.

Staying Energised And Productive 

Reed Recruitment Specialist is a specialist provider for recruitment solutions, and considering this pandemic, they have noted how business owners are having problems with working remotely, hence the birth of this event.

The speaker, Zena Everett is a productivity coach, who aims to speak about the ways of staying energised, productive, as well as pushing back on distractions, disruptions and many more.

This event is slated to hold on August 6 at noon. You can click here to register.

These are some of the events around fashion and business that are happening to this week!

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