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Here Are Some Of The Events Happening This Week That You Can Take Advantage Of As A Fashion Entrepreneur.

August 17, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Events are an opportunity for fashion entrepreneurs to interact and network with various like-minded individuals. It also provides an avenue for entrepreneurs to have access to various opportunities.

Just like we do weekly, here is a list of events ranging from fashion, business, and many more, that fashion entrepreneurs can take advantage of.

Entrepreneurship In The Fashion And Design Industry

Being able to navigate the fashion industry to their favour is one of the things a fashion entrepreneur aims to achieve. Fashion entrepreneurs focus on creating networks within the fashion industry and inter-connected projects with varying aims.

The Blue Crest University College, which is a school that caters to the fashion and design needs of individuals, is organising this webinar to address the social, structural, and profitability issues surrounding the industry, and how it can be worked to one's advantage.

This webinar is happening on the 20th of August by noon. You can click here to register.

Leadership And Entrepreneurship Webinar

Spotted Fashion Group is an inclusive community-based platform that empowers confidence in both style and self through panel discussions, webinars and many more. They are organising this webinar for participants to learn new skills and leadership tactics from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

This webinar would also focus on how entrepreneurs, including fashion entrepreneurs, can create a sustainable business and increase the growth potential of the business. Some of the speakers include Dr Lilian Ajayi Ore, who is a digital marketing strategist and leadership ambassador, Kendra Scott, a fashion and lifestyle brand owner.

This event is slated to hold on August 21 by 5 pm. To register, click here.

Responsible Fashion: New Standards For A Culture Of Consumption  

In recent times, many conversations have been sparked around the future of fashion, consumption, sustainability, culture and many more, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. The Harvard Alumni For Fashion, Luxury and Retail is hosting this webinar to focus on fashion and the sustainable way of fashion.

With a unique networking opportunity with Harvard Alumni and other distinguished guests, participants are guaranteed to learn from the pool of knowledge and experience. Some of the speakers include Hanna Hallin, a global sustainability manager, Joe Whinney, the CEO of a regenerative retail store, and many more.

Happening on the 20th of August by 4 pm, interested participants can click here to register.

What Inspires Your Creativity?

Crafts Village Nigeria is an organization that was established to promote and create a rental marketplace that helps consumers connect with African fashion brands, unique artisans and so on. They are organising this event in collaboration with Blackboy Vision to help creatives to tell their story, as well as to provide an opportunity to get the right attention for their businesses.

This event is for different business individuals, even fashion business owners, to interact, engage, and share information regarding access to funds, exposure to creative platforms and many more.

This event is taking place at 25, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere on the 21st of August by 3 pm. You can click here to register.

Mapping The Fashion Of The Future 

This event is organised by Giulia Tomasello, a designer committed to women's healthcare and its innovation, combining biotechnology and interactive wearables. With the advent of 3D models and virtual runways as a result of the pandemic, there should be thoughts around the fashion of the future.

This conversation with Anastasia Pistofidou is meant to map out the future of fashion at the intersection between textiles, digital fabrication, biology and social design.

This event is slated to hold on August 17 by 1 pm. Click here to register.

Those are some of the events happening all through this week that you can take advantage of as a fashion entrepreneur.


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