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Here Are Some Events Fashion Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage Of This Week

June 15, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

So, it's a new week! Another time to develop your brand for it to contend with global competitions. The importance of attending events, whether online or virtual, to boost your fashion business, or personal brand cannot be overstated.

Here's a rundown of events happening this week that you can leverage on as a fashion entrepreneur.

LDC Accelerator: Digital, The New Norm and Staying Relevant

This event is organized by the Lone Design Club (LDC) and it is to be a discussion for fashion brands on adapting to the new digital world, methods of being ahead of the curve and ways to get noticed. With fashion designers like Anifa MvuembaPrada and many more paving the way for a digital fashion world, entrepreneurs need to up their game.

With Rebekah Roy who is a fashion innovation expert with many years of experience and a strong understanding of creative business strategy, the event is about practical advice for brands who are trying to adjust to this new normal.

The event is slated for June 18, by 4 pm. To register, click here.

African Textile Event Day

In celebration of the Newham Heritage Month, this event was put together to be a dynamic and creative workshop inspired by African textile designs for young people.

The design would feature an introduction to design skills, development of designs for different product lines related to fashion, producing quality patterns, and designs and many more.

The event is going to take place on the 16th of June by 11 am, click here to register.


Negotiation: Developing A Win-Win Approach In Negotiations.

Fashion entrepreneurs, at a point, would have to pitch to investors or convince a potential client, and with great negotiation skills, this could easily be a walk in the park.

Dafiji Consults is organizing this conversation and Question and Answer session to help entrepreneurs, including fashion entrepreneurs, develop a win-win approach in order to ensure a profitable outcome for their businesses.

The session is going to take place on Instagram on June 16 by 5 pm. Click here to be a part of this conversation.

Those are some of the events you can take advantage of as a business owner this week.


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