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Here Are 8 Tips To Apply In Advertising Your Fashion Business To Grow Your Brand

May 19, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Advertising is making your products and services known to an audience or marketplace. It is an important step every business owner needs to take to gain clients and grow their business.

In this video, social media influencer and Founder of Luxe Pink Lashes and BossGirl Life Guide, Nyee, shares tips small fashion businesses can apply in advertising their brand.

8 Tips For Advertising Your Small Fashion Business

1. Tell Friends and Family to Spread the Word:

When it comes to business, friends, and family that believe in what you do are great assets to leverage on. Never be too shy to ask them to spread the word about your business to their circle of friends. 

This will be even more effective if the people your friends, and family connect with are a part of your target market. 

2. Use Hashtags Relevant to your Business:

A hashtag is a label for specific content. It helps others who are interested in a certain topic, quickly find content on that topic. They are used mainly on social media and proceeded by '#' sign.

In promoting your fashion business, you will surely use social media platforms. Make sure that every time you post something about your brand, relevant hashtags are used. Hashtags like #fashiondesigner, #bespoke, #footwearbrand, #lagos, etc are going to make it easier for people to discover your brand on social media.

3. Promote your Products Every Single Day:

For startup fashion businesses, promoting your business every day is important. This is especially helpful in keeping your brand in the minds of your target market. 

While it is okay to promote your brand every day, it is also important that you do not do it too often, say 5 times, per day. Posting something once or twice a day will do just fine for your brand.

When putting up posts, you also have to remember not to use the image of the same fashion item in your posts. Promote a different fashion item each time you put up a post and focus only on that one for that post.

4. Pay Social Media Influencers to Advertise your Brand:

Paying a social media influencer to mention your brand or wear one of your fashion products can go a long way in pulling the crowd to your brand. Look for a social media influencer whose followership is in line with your target market and ask the person to help promote your brand.

5. Give Discounts and Do Promos:

Everybody likes it when there's a discount on a product or when they can get a product free of charge. Sometimes, you should offer a coupon code to your customers to use to get a discount on a certain fashion item. 

You can also offer something like free delivery for purchases of products over a certain amount or free delivery within a vicinity. Also, giving out an extra product for each product bought by your customers has a way of bringing them back to your brand.

6. Post Reviews and Testimonials:

People are usually very skeptical when it comes to doing business online. They don't know you or your brand and are not sure whether or not they can trust you to deliver. 

Posting testimonials of customers stating that they received their product in a good time or saying something nice about a product they purchased from you helps.

7. Post on your Social Media Frequently:

I know, some of us are just not that into social media and its hard to get content to post on your brand's social media at times but it's important to post on your social media frequently.

Sometimes, you can offer some 'Monday Motivation' or a wise quote to your social media followers. Just everything you can to post relevant content to your social media frequently.

8. Leverage on Email Subscriptions:

Email subscriptions help to keep customers up to date on new products your brand offers. Once in a while, you can send emails to your customers, informing them about your new collection or about a discount you're offering them.

In all of this, remember that research is king. If you don't know something research on it. As an entrepreneur, you have to be well informed about all things about your industry.

Are there any other tips that have worked for your fashion brand? Please share them with us in the comments section below. Don't forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed this read.


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