Mauvelli | 5 Nigerian Makeup Artists Defying Gender And Convention

Here Are 5 Nigerian Makeup Artists Defying Gender And Convention With Their Art

December 03, 2020 | by Iyin | 1 Comment

Makeup, like other forms of fashion, is an art. The ability to transform a person and enhance their features, making them look and feel better about themselves is what makes artists posses.  

Apart from the regular face beat that is used for owambe outings, some makeup artists also use makeup to defy gender and convention, bringing out the full potential of their craft. Here's a list of 5 of them;

1. Jane Richard

Jane Richard is the creative director of Jonet Makeovers, a beauty, cosmetics, and personal care brand that does a bit more than just regular makeup. Jane caught the attention of many when, as a tribute to the late Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman, she used makeup to transform her face to his. 

With makeup, she has creates works of art that are peculiar and interesting, transforming her face into that of popular public figures. Apart from transformational makeup, she also does bridal and party makeup.

2. Kemisola Isijola

Kemisola Isijola is a makeup artist that specialises in special effect, face painting, and tutorials for both. In her brand, she does a lot with eye makeup, creating stunning looks that will give anyone a new take on eye makeup.

With her eye makeup skills, Kemisola transforms otherwise boring and plain-looking eyes into eyes that are bursting with colourful beauty. 

Outside of eye makeup, she also does a lot of full-face special effects makeup. With this makeup, she creates all kinds of faces, from creative clown faces to starry night faces.

3. Laila Cadne

With a fresh and new take on editorial makeup, Laila Cadne of LCadne Atelier creates stories with her makeup. One known to create art on the faces of both males and females, Laila uses makeup as a way of expression and to portray new dimensions of beauty. 

With her unique take on editorial makeup, Laila has created a solid niche for herself that keeps drawing people in.

4. Ayopo Abiri


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Ayopo Abiri is a self-taught multidimensional makeup artist that focuses on editorial and Avante Garde makeup. One to do stunning makeup for both genders, Ayopo channels her uniqueness into every of her artwork. 

Ayopo creates not only beautiful eye makeup but also amazing full face beats. 

5. Damilola Adejonwo

Damilola Adejonwo of SenorFenty is a makeup artist that believes makeup should not be streamlined to women alone. He is one that specialises in male grooming and makeup. 

Although makeup for men is still a controversial topic in fashion, Damilola has plunged fully into it. With his full on face beats for men, Damilola is definitely defying gender and convention with his art.


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