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Here Are 5 Fashion Business Ideas Outside Of Fashion Designing Fashion Entrepreneurs Can Tap Into

June 22, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

The fashion industry is an ideal place and fertile ground to start a business and blossom in. Fashion can never go out of style as people will keep wearing clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories. As time goes on, the fashion industry will just keep growing bigger.

With each new fashion season, new entrepreneurial opportunities open up in the fashion industry. Below is a list of fashion business ideas outside of making clothes, shoes, and bags. If you missed the first part of this, click here to catch up on it.

1. Fashion Blogging/Vlogging

If you are a fashion lover that follows all the fashion trends going around and loves to inform others about them then fashion blogging/vlogging might be the thing for you.

Some of the most influential fashion websites started as small fashion blogs and you can too. Starting a fashion blog does not require a large investment as website development and hosting are quite affordable but it requires a lot of hard work. 

Fashion blogging/vlogging is about educating people on fashion and all things fashion related. It is a great way to make money from the internet. If you have a good knowledge of fashion then you can make money just by sharing this information with people all around the world via your blog.

Another upside to being a fashion blogger/vlogger, apart from the fact that you get to make money from sharing all your exciting knowledge of fashion with others, is that you can do it alongside a normal 9-5 job without being stressed out.

Fashion vlogging is pretty much the same as fashion blogging, but instead of writing, it's all about uploading videos of you talking fashion to your website. It is a much better option for fashion lovers that are not big fans of writing but are big on talking and videos.

2. Fashion Retailing

Being a fashion designer who designs and makes clothes, shoes, bags, and other fashion accessories is one thing, while selling these fashion items is another thing. If you are big on fashion items but not so big on making these items, then being a fashion retailer might be just what you need. 

To be a fashion retailer, you need to have a strong eye for fashion, strong business sense, and the ability to pick out items that will sell. You will also need to understand your target market and find a niche that works best for you - one that you have enough knowledge of.

Starting a fashion retailing business can be a bit pricey, but to reduce cost, you can consider starting an online store that offers delivery services to people. 

3. Fabric Restoration/Fashion Upcycling

I remember years ago when I dropped one of my favourite outfits in the washing machine with other items and it came out a different completely colour than when it went in. I was devastated and tried all I could to fix it but with no luck, eventually, I had to give it out because I could never look at it the same way again.

if you are someone that has been in this situation and has found a way to fix the issue, or if you are someone that just loves to solve other people's fabric issues, then this might be the business for you. Fabric restoration services involve repairing or restoring torn, cracked, faded, stained, and burned fabrics.

This business idea is one that can attract a wide range of clients if you market your fashion business right. 

In addition to fabric restoration, you can also consider upcycling fashion items to create new things. This requires you to take fashion items that are damaged or no longer wanted and transform them from one fashion item to another. 

Upcycling fashion items requires a lot of creativity and dedication because sometimes it will not be easy to transform one thing into another thing. It will also require plenty of patience. 

4. Fashion Rental Services

With the future of fashion looking at sustainability, rented fashion is the next big thing. Fashion rental services are one of the most sustainable practices in the fashion industry now and one you should tap into.

Fashion rental services can range from renting wedding gowns to brides who cannot afford one or do not want to buy a new wedding gown for their big day to renting designer pieces at a reduced price to clients for photoshoots. For a fashion rental business, you will need an online store where you showcase your wares to clients and have them book the one they like ahead of time.

Rented fashion is a great way to run a sustainable fashion business and preserve the environment for future generations.

5. Textile Screen Printing

In my life, I've come across several people that are completely in love with fabrics and the prints on them. Those people that look at a beautiful fabric and gush all over it, or that look at another and give their opinion of how the print on it could have been better.

If you are one such people then textile screen printing might be the fashion business idea for you. Textile screen printing is the process of applying color to fabric in definite patterns or designs. 

In Nigeria, there are not so many people that are into textile screen printing and this can be an opportunity for you to be one of the pioneers in this area. As an entrepreneur who deals in textile screen printing, you can collaborate with fashion houses to produce custom made textiles just for their fashion brands. This is one business idea you should consider.

There you have it, amazing fashion business ideas for you to explore and excel in the fashion industry. You should consider trying one out today. 

We will love to hear what you think about the fashion business ideas listed above, please drop a comment in the comments section below to tell us what you think of them and which one you will try out. Remember to hit the like button if you enjoyed this read.


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