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Here Are 3 Commonly Misused Fashion Words - Mood Board, Deconstructed, Napping

June 15, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

As fashion entrepreneurs, it is important to stay on top of certain fashion words. In this column, we have taken a look at words such as mélange, avant-garde, composite style, how these words should be used, and how fashion entrepreneurs or customers commonly misuse them.

"You would need to provide a mood board to enter the competition."

Were you a little bit lost when you saw this sentence, or perhaps a client needs a deconstructed outfit and you're not sure what it means?

Stay with us, as we look through the meanings of a mood board, deconstructed outfits, and the napping process in fashion.

Mood Board 

A mood board, in fashion, is a type of visual representation where designers convey their creative concepts in terms of images, text, or samples of objects, to an audience. Most times, creatives deal with a rush of ideas, and while this is great, collating the ideas systematically helps to serve as a guideline or theme for a new collection. And that is essentially the purpose of a mood board.

For an audience to comprehend what a designer's mood board is all about, certain elements such as color palettes, fabrics, texture, varying text styles, amongst many others have to be infused in it, therefore avoiding clutter.


A deconstructed outfit is typically an outfit that does not conform to the typical laws of fashion. 

What does this mean?

A deconstructed outfit is one that has been transformed into a new style by taking apart outfits with many elements and remaking them into a unique outfit. Deconstructed outfits such as shirts, dresses, and many more most times have unfinished fashion details such as exposed zips, raw edges, revealed lining, and so on.


In fashion designing, napping is a finishing technique where short fibers are lifted off the fabric surface to create a nap. Materials such as corduroy, suede, and cotton flannel are usually napped to make the fabric feel softer and to trap air that serves as insulation.

In jackets, trousers, and other products that have been napped, light reflects off the surface of the fabric according to the direction of the nap. It also produces distinct aesthetic features of the fabrics.

How To Use These Words 

A mood board is not a look book, and should never be regarded as one. To check out what a look book means, and how it should be used, click here.

In the just-concluded Heineken Lagos Fashion Week Design Competition, all the designers were asked to provide a mood board as part of the requirements to participate in the competition. So, a well-thought-out mood board hits all the right notes and helps to clearly convey a brand's identity.

A deconstructed outfit is not a distressed one, as a distressing is a surface treatment done on a fabric that makes it appear faded or ragged. For more information on distressing, click here.

Instead, a deconstructed outfit is one that fully displays the creativity of the designer, and their ability to work around key elements in a garment.

Napping, in fashion, can be done on both sides of the fabric to improve durability, and hide defects. Napped outfits should not be mistaken with pleated outfits which are outfits that are folded or doubled, then pressed, ironed, or creased into place.

And there you have it! Some fashion words that can be infused into your daily lives as a fashion entrepreneur, or not.


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