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Here Are 3 Commonly Misused Fashion Words - Chromatic Colours, Achromatic Colours, Avant Garde

June 01, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

As a fashion entrepreneur, updating your glossary of fashion words is very important as it helps you stay ahead of the latest changes and improvements in the fashion industry.

In this series, we've taken a look at words like mélange, silhouettes, haute couture, contemporary fashion, and many more, the wrong contexts in which these words are used and how they should be used instead.

So, in fashion, what do chromatic and achromatic colours mean? Are they words that can be used interchangeably whenever we please, or can they only be used in specific contexts? How about avant-garde? Let's take a look at what these words mean, and how they should be used.

Chromatic Colours 

A colour scheme is a choice of colours used in the design for a range of media, such that it can create style and appeal. The hue, lightness, and saturation of a particular colour are used to determine if the colour is chromatic or achromatic.

A chromatic colour, in fashion, is regarded as a colour that has the slightest amount of hue. Colours such as blue, green, red, are regarded as chromatic colours in fashion.

One thing to note however is how these colours accentuate a person's good features. Certain colours of outfits may be too bright for a person's skin colour and end up drawing attention away from the person's good features, and vice versa.

Achromatic Colours 

Achromatic colours, on the other hand, are colours that have lightness, but lack hues and saturation, such as white, grey, and black. These colours are usually worn to maintain an air of professionalism, or uniformity, especially in workplaces.

The term monochrome colour is usually mistaken for achromatic colour, but monochrome colours refer to having just one colour and do nor exactly refer to colours like black and grey. For a fashion designer, having a monochrome piece means all the pieces are of one colour, perhaps in different shades and tints.


In fashion designing, avant-garde is a forward-looking movement proposed by innovative fashion designers with ideas to stand out from conventional fashion. Avant-garde fashion seeks to combine fabrics of various textures, shapes, and colours, to make an exaggerated effect on outfits.

Unlike haute couture which means high-end outfits, avant-garde outfits are eccentric, radical, and quite experimental.

How These Words Should Be Used 

As a fashion designer saying your pieces are designed with chromatic colours should mean that the outfits are comprised of a wide range of bright colours, such as yellow, orange, green, etc.

Fashion outfits with achromatic colours should only mean that the outfits are designed with black, grey, and white colours.

Designing pieces that are unusual, intriguing, and striking, such that the pieces probably won't be able to be worn on the street, refers to avant-garde fashion.

So, there you have it, some of the fashion words that would help your fashion brand, as well as you as a person. To check out some of the other commonly misused fashion words in this series, click here.


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