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Here Are 3 Commonly Misused Fashion Words - Appliqué, Vents, Patchwork

July 06, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

The fashion industry is a large one, consisting of sectors ranging from textiles and fabrics, fashion design, footwear design, retail brands, and each of these sectors has words that are peculiar to them.

As much as managing a brand properly would help improve visibility and client outreach for the brand, conversing with clients and like-minded individuals help a business owner attain a certain level of expertise as a result of his/her vocabulary. In this segment of Mauvelli, we take an in-depth look at fashion words and the proper ways in which they should be used.

Just like we did with frills, smocking, and napping, we will be taking a look at Applique, Patchwork, and Vents, what they mean exactly in fashion, as well as how they should be used.


Appliqué is a form of fabric decoration or ornamental needlework in which pieces or patches of fabrics in different shapes and patterns are sewn and stuck unto a larger piece to form a picture or pattern. 

With different methods ranging from hand appliqué to machine appliqué, fused appliqué, and many more, this technique is commonly used to renovate and revitalize old items of clothing into modern outfits.


Similar to high slits, vents are a type of vertical slit rising from the bottom hem of a jacket and are usually located at the back seam of a jacket to allow free movement of the jacket.

The vent is an important detail that should not be left out in designing, as it helps to ensure that the jacket's wearer is comfortable in it. 


A patchwork is also a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. A patchwork is made by joining strips of fabric or repeating patterns of shapes to form the larger design.

Whether by using the crazy patchwork, where the fabrics are randomly shaped and placed or using the pieced patchwork, where the shapes are sewn together in a pre-defined pattern to create blocks, outfits designed using patchwork are different from the norm and look unique.

How These Words Should Be Used 

Appliqué is mostly done on textiles like batik because the soft transitions blend nicely and make the outfit stunning.

Unlike in a collage where fabrics or other materials are glued to the outfit, attaching an appliqué involves layering fabric patches which are then stitched in place by various methods. So, in identifying an outfit with an appliqué, one thing to look out for is the evidence of a stitch, instead of glue.

Most fashion designers refer to the jacket slit as a regular slit, but this should not be so. As long as it is a blazer, jacket, sport coat, or any form of suit, the slit should be referred to as a vent.

As opposed to quilting where 3 layers of fabric are sewn together to make a quilt, patchwork is the sewing of fabrics together to form a pattern or a block. A patchwork is usually symmetrical as the shapes needed are carefully measured and cut into basic geometric shapes making them easy to piece together.

So, there you have it! These are some fashion words you can infuse in your fashion vocabulary, and the proper ways in which they are to be used. For more commonly misused fashion words, you can check here, and also subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know!


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