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Google Analytics, Brand Collaborations Webinar And Other Events You Can Attend This Week

November 23, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Just like all other industries, many opportunities are gotten in the fashion industry by networking and interacting with various industry experts. Also, networking can help in gaining helpful strategies that can help grow your business.

And how can this be achieved?

Amongst others, by attending events that happen either virtually or physically, a fashion entrepreneur can gain needed insights to grow their business. So, here’s a list of events happening this week that you can benefit from as a fashion entrepreneur.

Google Analytics For Small Businesses 

As an e-commerce business owner, it is important to be able to use data and other factors to determine the growth of your brand. This webinar is designed to help entrepreneurs set up Google Analytics properly to filter out irrelevant traffic from the website.

Also, the webinar would focus on how entrepreneurs can generate 5 key reports to let them know how their website is performing and much more.

Happening on November 25 by 3 pm, you can click here to register.

Social Media Marketing Conference 2020

The Social Media Marketing Conference is one that focuses on useful and practical presentations, with takeaways that entrepreneurs, including fashion entrepreneurs, can use the very next day for results. Social media is one way in which entrepreneurs can grow their business by getting in touch with their target audience, so knowing how to harness the power is very important.

This event, like the organisers shared, is simply for those seeking ways to use their social media networks to boost their business or organisation. With 2,000 Naira, interested participants can attend this event at Sheraton Lagos Hotel on November 28 by 11 am.
To register for his event, click here.

Fashion Talks: Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

The Fashion Business School at London College of Fashion is a multidisciplinary school which enjoys a global reputation for its unique fashion business courses amongst others, and they are the organisers of this event. The pandemic has had a huge impact on the supply chain, and this has led to a magnification of the flaws in the traditional business model.

With Annika Howse, an experienced supply chain manager, this event would outline the different supply chain designs that can positively balance the economic, social, and environmental impact of the fashion industry and many more. 

This event is holding on November 25 by 2 pm, and you can click here to register.

The Art Of Successful Brand Collaborations

Collaborations in the fashion industry between two fashion designers, a designer and a footwear maker and many more can be really helpful for both parties.

Read More: Trying To Expand Your Fashion Business Through Collaboration? Here's How To Develop A Strategy For That.

This event, with many experts such as Julien Ancele, would focus on why brand partnerships have become more frequent and how these partnerships make sense for customers. Questions surrounding how brand collaborations create value for organisations, how the collaborations unite teams and many others would also be answered.

The event is holding on November 25 by 6 pm, and you can click here to register.

The Changing Workspace And How To Manage It Mindfully

Mindfulness, in case you didn’t know, is the practice of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgement, and it is usually considered an important skill. Many organisations and businesses are starting to review their future workspaces in light of the changing world of work.

This webinar would feature how business owners can prepare for change, some of the steps to make the change successful, as well as how to manage the change mindfully and many more.

This event is holding on November 25 by 4 pm, and you can click here to register.

These events are some of the events happening this week that you can benefit from as a fashion entrepreneur in the ever-growing industry.


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