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Glamera, An Egyptian Beauty Start-Up Recently Acquired A Six-Figure Seed Funding. Here's What We Think

August 11, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

Asides the fact that startup founders strive to make a profit for their respective startups, they identify a problem in their fields, then see it as an opportunity to start something new. Similarly, in building a successful fashion brand, fashion entrepreneurs need to solve a problem to make it a win-win situation for themselves and interested investors.

Glamera, a fashion beauty startup in Egypt, recently announced a 6-figure seed funding from Dual Gate Investment Holding to expand across the Middle East and North Africa. With many announcements of equity funding in the Egyptian fashion space, what is the Egyptian government including in their industries, when compared with Nigeria? And what does this mean for Glamera?

About Glamera 

Situated in Egypt, Glamera is the first mobile application to book an appointment for beauty and health services for more than 50 places in the Middle East and North Africa. What this means is that Glamera enables women from all over to book beauty services beforehand, ranging from hair care to skin care, massages and many more.

It was founded in 2019 by Mohammed Hassan, Omar Fathy and Safer Alsheri when they noticed a gap in the market for customers to reach out to beauty and health professionals for consultations and services without hassles. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the startup noticed an increase in the number of users, and just like the founder shared,

"The current circumstances have prompted users to realise the importance of pre-booking for all services, including the beauty sector. It also raised the awareness of the providers for joining the app to schedule their client's appointment through pre-booking."

Startup Ecosystem In Egypt 

The Egyptian government over the years has ensured that policies and foundations have been set up to scale the growth of small and medium scale enterprises in the country. In 2018, Egypt was ranked the fastest-growing startup in the Middle East and North Africa, according to MAGNiTT.

A conducive atmosphere for startup entrepreneurs, just like the one the Egyptian government is providing, gives these entrepreneurs innovative ways to unleash their potential. Recently, DressCode, which is also an Egyptian fashion E-commerce startup, announced the funding they acquired from an Egyptian investment firm, Egypt Ventures.

Since the inception of the government economic reform plan, the establishment of incubators to fund innovative ideas, targeted policy tools and many more, the Egyptian government is deliberately and intentionally helping SMEs to overcome financial gaps, business support problems and many other challenges.

Nigeria Startup Ecosystem 

In comparison with the policies and reforms put in place by the Egyptian government to support startup founders and entrepreneurs in the country, some changes need to be made in Nigeria's startup ecosystem.

With the large youth population and the high unemployment rate in Nigeria, entrepreneurs, especially fashion entrepreneurs, should be able to reach their maximum potential with the right policies and reforms.
Through this seed funding, Glamera aims to expand their reach to other countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, and just like Omar Fathy, the Chief Technology Officer added,

"We have a powerful team of the best technical developers and expert project managers, working continuously to improve the design of the application interface to suit users, in addition to coming up with a recent version of the application within days that will impress users."

This seed funding, like many others, will also provide Glamera with the option of expanding their teams to cater to the increased needs of users while scaling the growth of the fashion startup.

1 Comment

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