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#FashionTech - Here's How You Can Use The TechPacker App To Create Tech Packs And Communicate Design Ideas To Your Team

April 20, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

Techpacker is an online platform for designers to create techpack in minutes, collaborate with teams in real-time and keep manufacturers up to date. Just like Browzwear, Clo 3D Fashion, Tailornova, Techpacker is a fully featured fashion designing software designed to serve both small and large scale enterprises.

A techpack, also known as Technical Packer or specification sheet, is a blueprint created by a designer, that contains all the components required to manufacture a product or design from scratch. This includes materials, measurements, trim, grading and lots more.

It is a set of documents created by a fashion designer, pattern maker or product developer to explain, in detail, the design to the manufacturer so they can turn the information into a product.

Features Of Techpacker

The main component of the Techpacker software is the techpack which has many components;

a. Design: Designs can be done easily on the software by uploading sketches from Adobe Illustrator, then designers can play around with the colors, sizes and measurements to give the desired result. The good thing about Techpacker is that as the designs are uploaded, that is, the different views, angles and components of the design, the product designs are broken down into smart cards.

b. Smart Cards: Cards can be copied across techpacks, saved and re-used. Team members can also post comments, upload file attachments on the card, irrespective of the other design components. For example, if a fitted dress with oversized Victorian sleeves is to be designed, the sleeves can be as a smart card, the tight base as another, and what else you deem fit to be a card, and they can each be amended or altered separately.

The card system gives a snapshot of the whole product development process, and a granular view of each component.

c. Time Tracking: With the techpack time tracking feature, a designer can plan and monitor the progress of a particular design. At the different stages of Design, Sampling and Production, there are both planned and actual start and end dates for the project. It also has a feature where the designer can track the project completion process in percentages.

This would help designers, especially fashion designers to keep track of time, and deliver projects to customers on time.

How Techpacker Can Help Your Fashion Business 

In addition to the features listed above, Techpacker helps to improve communication among team members and leads by providing instant updates. Messages don't have to be scattered all over the Web, as Techpacker helps to organise conversations, messages, shared files in a neat and orderly manner.

By reusing design details like seams, trims and measurements in one click through shareable libraries, Techpacker helps to avoid repetitive tasks for fashion designer. It also saves time and energy. The Techpacker software is also easy to use and understand, with little or no training required. 

How To Set Up TechPacker

The first thing to do to install techparker, on your device, preferably a laptop or computer, is to download it from their store here. Techpacker comes with a free 7-day trial where you get to test all the features of the software.

If upon expiration of the free-trial, you intend to continue, then there are paid plans that you can subscribe to; the Create plan, the Connect plan and Scale-up plan which all differ in price and benefits. The Scale-up plan, for example, allows more team members in an organisation compared to the Create plan.

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