Mauvelli | Did You Know Butterfly Sleeves Can Achieve An Elegant Look?

Fashion Words: Did You Know Butterfly Sleeves Can Be Used To Achieve An Elegant Look?

January 13, 2021 | by bolu | 0 Comments

As the seasons go by, new fashion styles and concepts come up. We have previously looked at words such as illusion necklines, diamond smocking, and wing collars, you can check them out here.

Our Fashion Words column is dedicated to enlightening all fashion entrepreneurs on new, intriguing styles and concepts that they can infuse in their brands. So, how can you infuse butterfly sleeves, gores as well as minimalist fashion styles into your brand?

Butterfly Sleeves

Just like the name suggests, the butterfly sleeves is one that has a puff on top and is slightly loose at the hem. Unlike the puffed sleeves, the butterfly sleeve doesn’t taper off or end in a cuff.

Just like Adeleye Blessing, a student in International Relations shared,

“The butterfly sleeves gives a full effect and makes the entire outfit elegant.”


In fashion designing, gore is referred to as a triangular or tapered segment, that is, narrow at the top and wider at the base, that is subtly inserted down below to extend the width from the waistline to the hem of a skirt.

This style when used for outfits like skirts and dresses are usually flattering on many different body types, and is often loved by women who are larger in the hips and thigh areas.

Minimalist Fashion

Asides from having a small selection of colours and a bare minimum amount of clothing in a closet, there's more to the minimalist fashion style. Minimalist fashion aims to take the focus off of what you’re wearing and give that brain space over to what you want people to focus on. 

Like Nifemi Fadugbagbe, an avid fashionista shared,

“Generally, I think the whole minimalist fashion comes off as very elegant and it exudes classiness on all levels. I particularly like the brown and nude tones, and I can definitely rock it!”

How These Terms Are Used

Butterfly sleeves are mainly paired with low-cut dresses, and they work best with light to medium-weight fabrics with a flowing drape. Another thing we love about the butterfly sleeves is the fact that they give the entire look an elegant and petite touch, and we think fashion designers can utilise them in their brands for a positive effect.

Gores are really helpful when designing flared or full skirts, as two or more are added to the skirt to achieve that look. Unlike regular A-line skirts or dresses, the gores skirts or dresses have a softer fit around the hips and create a loose, flowing bell shape at the hem.

A minimalist wardrobe doesn’t have to be stripped totally of colour as they can contain shades of white, brown, black and everything in between. Minimalist fashion is also very classy and versatile, and this is one of the reasons why we love them as well.

So, as a ready-to-wear designer, do you cater for minimalist fashionistas or perhaps as a bespoke designer, do you infuse the butterfly sleeves into your designs? Well, these styles and concepts are some that you can highly benefit from, especially if they are highly requested by your target audience.


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