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Fashion Hacks - How To Make Both Male And Female Bow Ties

June 19, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

One of the greatest things about the COVID-19 pandemic is the way people have been able to harness their creativity and passion for designing products. During the lockdown, we saw lots of people dabble into various creative processes such as making crocheted tops, bags, or making accessories with African wax print fabric.

We are delighted to present to you Mauvelli's Fashion Hacks column where we take a look at various hacks and DIY's that can be helpful to both fashion entrepreneurs and customers. So, have you ever wondered how fashion brands design the regular bow ties and the female bow ties?

Trust us when we say the process is an easy one that can be done from the comfort of your home. Stay with us, as we delve into the world of designing bow ties.

Materials You Will Need

For designing both ties, you'd need a strong glue, and iron, and different pieces of fabric.

Now, let's get down to it!

Bow Tie

First, you will need some leftover fabric, that measures at least 16 by 6 inches (note, these are our measurements, so you can tweak yours appropriately at any time), then all you need do is iron it out to remove the creases.

After this, tuck a few inches in, iron that also to straighten it out, then glue it to the base, so it doesn't come off easily. The next step is to fold the fabric, such that it gives a rectangular shape. At this point, you'd need your glue to seal both loose ends together.

Do you see the bow tie coming together yet? Okay, maybe not. How about when you pinch the rectangular-shaped fabric in the middle? Yeah! That's more like it!

Then, using a piece of fabric smaller than the initial one, maybe around 2 by 3 inches, tuck and iron it as we did earlier, before wrapping it around the centre of the rectangular-shaped fabric and glueing the loose ends together.

The last thing to do is to insert a clip into the space created by the smaller fabric and voila your bow tie to be rocked!

Female Bow Tie

For this bow tie, you'd need 6 different pieces of fabrics, 2 measuring 30cm by 9cm, another 2 measuring 17cm by 9cm, a 28cm by 9cm fabric, and finally a 24cm by 9cm fabric.

In designing, the measurements are very important to bring the design out exactly how you want it to be.

The first thing to do is to iron the fabrics, then, tuck a few inches vertically before glueing them together. Fold the longer fabrics (30cm by 9cm) in half by bringing one half of the fabric to the centre, then the other half to the centre too, after which you should glue the loose ends.

Attach these fabrics using the glue in an 'X' position, such that they oppose each other. Fold the 28cm by 9cm fabric in the exact manner above, and using the glue,  place it in a straight line at the centre of the X.

At this point, your tie should be looking like an X with a line drawn across it. 
Then, attach the 17cm by 9cm fabrics at the centre, with a spacing of about 30 degrees. To achieve a pointed end, trim the fabric at an angle of 45 degrees. 

The next thing is to fold the last fabric and add it to the centre of the tie, making sure that all the fabrics are glued firmly.

Finally, add your preferred jewelry to the centre of the tie in front of all the arranged fabrics, then add a circular pin at the back of the tie, using the glue of course.

And with these simple steps, your female bow tie is ready!

So there you go! Simple accessories you can design from the comfort of your home. If you have any questions, kindly let us know in the comment section!


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