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Fashion Designers Are Not Exactly Super Humans, We Need To Take Precautions

February 20, 2020 | by Adedewe | 0 Comments

The process of creating designs from the inception of the idea to the point of seeing that satisfactory smile on the face of the consumer can be very exhilirating. It can sometimes make us feel like we are super humans in our own rights, pushing us to do more and more to the point where we most times ignore the impact on our health.


Work affects health and health affects work. The state of your health as an entrepreneur has a direct impact on the productivity of your brand, especially considering the fact that the bulk of the work still relies on you as a designer to be done.

There are so many health hazards designers face day in day out, ranging from cuts and bruises to terminal diseases. Most times health related work hazards stem from poor practices that are a routine part of the job. For fashion designers the most common practices that affect our health are prolonged sitting and standing. There are so many health dangers that are caused by the routine of a fashion designer, but we will only look at a few of them.

Sitting all day has effects on the heart

Sitting all day and sewing away behind the machine can be very damaging to the body. Sitting long hours has been linked to heart diseases. Research has shown that those who spend an average of 23 hours in a week sitting are at 64% more risk than people who spend an average of 11 hours sitting without doing anything.


Fashion designers spend way more than this and are definitely at risk of cardiovascular disesases. Cardiovascular diseases aren't caused by just sitting for long hours but also by prolonged standing and Fashion designers are guilty of both practices one way or another. A way to tackle this is by having breaks at least once every hour. If you have been sitting, walk around and stretch, maybe drink some water and give your body a break.

Okay, what is Varicose Veins again?

First off, you should know that Mauvelli will never set out to scare you, we have the best interest of people, especially designers, at heart. That is why we thought you should know that fashion designers are at risk of having a condition called Varicose Veins or spider veins.

This is caused by the pooling of blood in the legs when people sit for too long and there is no pressure in the legs to help blood flow back to the heart. This is usually not a serious condition but in rare cases can lead to blood clot in the veins which can lead to deep vein thrombosis.

A way to avoid this is by taking breaks in between your sitting hours and putting some pressure on your legs by walking around.

Stiff Neck And Shoulders

Spending forever hunched over a sewing machine or a cutting table can cause pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. This can be very uncomfortable and common especially for fashion designers. When was the last time you had a good ol' shoulder massage?



Research has shown that people who spend longer hours sitting or inactive during the day are at 112% more risk of having diabetes. sitting for long hours can cause the sugar level in your body to rise higher than what is healthy.

So, it is not enough to show you hazards that you are exposed to in the line of your work, we'll also walk you through some ways that you can avoid the health hazards listed above.

  • Stretching exercises at intervals during the day can help to avoid stiff neck and shoulders.
  • Takng a stroll every hour within work premises can also help to reduce your level of inactivity.
  • Keeping fit and eating a healthy diet can help reduce the risk of most of these health conditions mentioned..
  • Take part in activities like dancing, swimming, yoga and martial arts.

There are so many other things you can do to avoid ill health and boost productivity. One important thing to note is that being immobile and inactive is a major cause of health hazards in this line of work, so it is left to you to ensure that you move around a lot more to avoid a decline in your health and ultimately your productivity at work.


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