Mauvelli | Duro Olowu's Collection Review: Colourful, Clashing Designs

Duro Olowu's SS21 Collection Is One That Experiments Greatly With A Pop Of Colours, But With Clashing Designs

September 23, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

A fashion collection is a way of expressing a fashion designer's creative process in terms of silhouettes, cuts, patterns, details and so much more. Inspiration for fashion collections can be drawn from a wide range of sources including surroundings, culture, people, and even artworks.

Duro Olowu is an eponymous fashion label owned by Duro Olowu, they are popularly known for their designs which are described as colourful, vibrant and coupled with '70s classic tailoring. They just released their Spring/Summer 21 Collection, and here's our honest review.

About Duro Olowu

Duro Olowu, the fashion designer, also known as the King of Nigerian fashion in certain circles, is one that seamlessly takes Nigerian design and prints and infuses them with a classy, elegant air. His designs have been worn by not only Michelle Obama but also by Linda Evangelista and Uma Thurman, amongst many others.

Apart from the Spring/Summer collection which was recently released, the fashion brand boasts of a series of other fashion collections over the years. These range of collections have been inspired by the sublime and evocative travel sketchbooks of artists, cover artworks, 1940's pinups and so much more.


This Spring/Summer collection was largely inspired by an artist known as Emma Amos, who, through her work, explored the themes of race, culture, and feminism. The African-American painter and printmaker was known for exploring the depths of art through her colour choices and decisions.

"I loved the way she used colour. She had this unexpected, striking mix which really made an impact." - Duro Olowu

The collection was designed using typical African fabrics such as aso-oke, cotton, linen and many other fabrics which were carefully chosen based on their colour pop. The brand's signature of playing around with bright colours and bubble prints was largely expressed through the outfits in this collection.

Target Audience

Being a womenswear fashion brand, Duro Olowu infused the latest trends in the fashion industry into his designs to make them more appealing to the modern woman. Some of the outfits include two-pieces, wide-leg pants and many more, with fringes, tiered bottoms and many other trends featured.

These pieces, which showcase highly African roots and culture, can be worn to various events and outings. Some of the pieces in the collection could pass for typical work outfits, while others were just designed to be chic and comfortable.

The fact that this collection was designed using typical African fabrics which are mainly preserved for ceremonial occasions, but still had a modern style makes it unique. Duro Olowu, the fashion designer, was indeed able to deliver the traditional African message with a modern take.

This Spring/Summer collection is a clear representation of the finesse and class a modern woman should portray even in traditionally-inspired outfits, even though some of the styles and patterns clash.


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