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Don't Know What Bridal Styles To Make For Your Clients In 2020? Here Are 10 Bridal Fashion Trends To Inspire You

April 02, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Bridal fashion for 2020 has a lot to offer, from ruffles and long sleeves to ball gowns and capes, the range of traditional and nontraditional bridal outfits is diverse, unique and sophisticated. 

Every bride deserves to steal the show and be the centre of attention on her wedding day.

Sometimes you can take your favourite parts of different wedding dresses to create your own unique piece or simply pick from the trends and add to it that unique touch your customers love you for.

Either way, every 2020 bride has a large selection of gowns to pick from to look undeniably beautiful on her big day. 

Here are 10 stunning outfits any bride can rock:

1. Feathered Beauty: Feathers are chic and add volume to a slim figure without being overwhelming. No wonder it's a look to go for this year! With a feathered outfit, brides can bring in that unique and delicate look while still being bridal all the way.

2. All Things Tiers: Ranging from full body tiers to half body tiers, this bridal look is back with a bang! It is a highly sophisticated look with just the right amount of romance to it that makes it stand out.

3. Frilly Haven: Frills have always been a part of wedding dresses and this year is no different. Ranging from organza to tulle and to chiffon, frills add life and lots of fun to any bridal outfit.

4. Dresses with capes: It's not only super heroes that wear capes, brides do too. The bridal cape look is one that is classy and sophisticated, it adds extra grandeur and a certain majestic look to a gown that will appeal to anyone. Cape dresses are definitely a trend to go for in this season.

5. Long Sleeved Gowns: Long sleeves on a bridal gown? Amazing! Long sleeves have their own way of bringing a certain appeal and class to a wedding dress which is hard to ignore. Long sleeves can be sheer, lacy or embellished. Why not try it for your next creation?

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6. Corseted Goodness: Who says underwear can't be worn as outerwear? This year, visible corsets are trendy and stunning at the same time. Using a corset for a bridal dress gives a silhouette that is perfect and sits well on any bride.

7. Ball Gown Classic: This timeless classic bridal look never loses its magic. There is something princessy and absolutely romantic about this look that keeps drawing brides to it. With each new year the ball gown keeps getting better and keeps getting the attention it so deserves.

8. Blush, Floral and Everything Inbetween: Not every bride wants to go with the traditional white dress on her big day, some brides want to step out and be different. This year, bridal dress colours range from blush to green, floral and even to multicoloured for that daring bride who wishes to stand out.

9. Pant Dress Ensemble: This outfit is sure to turn heads and leave an indelible mark in the minds of wedding guests. The pant ensemble, unlike the traditional wedding dress, is nonrestrictive to allow the bride rock it on the dance floor. 

10. Double Skrit: The double skirt is a beautiful variation of the cape wedding dress. The style has a cape that starts from the waist and flows down to the floor, it can be elongated to form a beautiful train and can even be a detachable piece. This style is beautiful, classy and breathtaking all at once.

There are so many amazing styles to pick from for brides this season as seen in the New York Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 collection. Be a designer in style by adding these outfits to your works.



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