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Do You Need Help In Keeping Track Of Your Income And Spending As A Fashion Entrepreneur? Here Are 4 Free Applications That Can Help

May 10, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Keeping track of your finances, especially your income and expenses, can be tasking for many fashion entrepreneurs.

We understand that business owners may also try to cut down the costs of hiring a professional accountant to do all the accounting-related work, but this doesn't mean your business shouldn't thrive.

With technology, thankfully, accounting softwares and applications can be gotten on either phones, or laptops these days, and some of them even come free. Here are some of the free accounting applications that fashion entrepreneurs can use to keep track of their expenses.


Reach is an applications that helps people, including business owners, keep track of their expenses and incomes. Often times, checking your bank balance after a long while is stunning, because it makes you wonder where all you money has gone.

With the Reach application, you can see a visual breakdown of where your money goes, and be more financially liberated. The Reach application also offers a savings and budget manager to help entrepreneurs be more careful of things they spend money on.

To download Reach, click here.

Day To Day Expenses

This is an accounting software that helps business owners manage and take note of their daily income and expenditure easily. With monthly and yearly reports to show their activities, entrepreneurs are able to have full insights of their income and expenses.

With this application, business owners can set reminders too, so they can get notifications to take note of their expenses regularly.

To download this application, check here.


The 1Money application allows users to track every income and expense just by a single tap. This application features charts and tables to show users where their money goes, it basically allows users to track their expenses at a glance.

With this application, business owners can select financial goals they intend to achieve, in terms of savings and budgets.

To download the application on your Android device, click here.

Money Manager

The Money Manager Application is a financial planning, expense tracking and personal finance management application. This application helps business owners record both personal and business financial transactions. And, as some fashion business owners have stated, 

"It's a bit hard to separate personal and company income."

Features Of The Money Manager Application

Easy Content Access 

The interface of the Money Manager applications is such that users can see their daily, weekly and monthly income and expenses just as the application opens. A calendar showing all of these is also located on the dashboard, so whatever money is spent or received appears automatically on the calendar on the date of transaction. As a user testified,

"The UI of the Money Manager application is simple, as I can easily navigate around."

Budget And Expense Manager

The Money Manager application is equipped with features that show the budget and expenditure of business owners. Graphs and charts are also available so users can easily see the expenses incurred against the set budget, in order to make suitable financial inferences.

Double Entry Book-Keeping Accounting 

The money manager application facilitates efficient asset management and accounting. It efficiently records all the money coming in and going out of your account. 

Also, the recurring expense feature helps users to update each expense, instead of having to type out and fill all over again. For example, fashion designers that purchase lots of fabric monthly can simply add that as a recurring expense and update it when the need arises.

To download the Money Manager application, click here.

Using any of these money management applications would definitely help business owners track their expenses and cut down on unnecessary spending.

Although the passion of the business owner is important for the business to run, profit also has to be made for the company to stay afloat.



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