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Do Trends Affect What Fashion Customers Purchase? Here's What They Had To Say And What We Think About It

May 22, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Sometimes, the current trends in fashion affect what customers purchase at a particular period. Some customers would rather wear styles similar to what models are showcasing on the fashion runway than regular styles not showcased on the runways.

This is why fast fashion brands, that is brands that deal in the mass production of clothing outfits, produce trendy clothes for the general public. 

We took a look at how these trends affect what customers buy. Here's what customers had to say, 

Iyanuoluwa Falomo shared this with us,

"I actually update my wardrobe monthly, and the trends or styles at that moment don't play a huge role in the outfits I purchase."

Tumininu Olasupo, who has a very keen sense of fashion had this to say,

"I purchase clothing outfits very often actually, and some times what I buy depends on the fashion trends currently in vogue."

Chinaza Obere shared this with us,

"Personally, I don't purchase clothes very often. And even when I do, the trendy styles don't affect what I purchase."

Here's what Tolulope Obafaiye, a rather stylish student had to say,

"Usually I come up with my own style, so when I shop for clothes, I don't really follow the current trends."

Bolade Agboola shares this with us,

"The current trends in fashion don't actually affect what I purchase when shopping. I just usually go with my style of fashion."

So, those are responses fashion customers shared with us, and here's what we think;

Most times, customers tend to shop for clothing items that they are comfortable in and which are within their style range. So, irrespective of the current trends, whether stylish or not, if the trends do not follow the style of the customers, there's a chance that they wouldn't go for it.

Although, trends should affect what fashion brands produce, such as the high slits and fringe styles that are in vogue now, the style of customers also has to be considered.

Another thing that affects customer purchase is their spending power. As trends are being released, most fashion brands take advantage of it to designs products with prices on the high side. We agree that many factors have to be considered when pricing your fashion products, but this could also discourage prospective clients from purchasing new trendy styles.

This is why, as a fashion entrepreneur, you must carry out thorough market research on your target customer before you go into business. This is to help you know what kind of styles they're more inclined to and how you can infuse current trends into those styles. It also helps you determine what the spending power of your target market is like.

Generally, these are some of the reasons why customers may or may not be affected by the new styles or trends when purchasing outfits. You can share your thought on how trends affect customer purchases in the comments section below.


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