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Digital Marketing, Free Sewing Trainings And Many More Beneficial Events Happening This Week

November 30, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Apart from the fact that attending events makes entrepreneurs, such as fashion entrepreneurs, gain insight for their respective businesses, it also poses an opportunity for them to network with other individuals.

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Here are some of the events that you can certainly get useful takeaways from as a fashion entrepreneur.

Digital Marketing Training

In this world of technology, business owners need to know how to use this technology to their advantage. This event is organised by the Realone Business School and it is designed to teach business owners how to use digital marketing to grow their business.

This event would also enable participants to use multiple digital platforms to create massive awareness for their product, in such a way that would make people purchase them. 

This event is holding on December 2 by 10 am at 14a Bayo Dewonjo Street, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos. Interested participants can click here to register.

Fashion District Connect With The Trampery: The Art Of Selling

The Fashion District Connect program is one that is designed for designers, business owners, and SMEs across the world to meet, learn and grow their network. This event, which explores the art of selling, would focus on the helpful strategies business owners can infuse in their businesses to increase sales.

The event would feature fashion experts such as Angela Quaintrell, the founder of AQ Market which supports and mentors emerging designers, Paynter Jackets, the owner of a brand that champions an online pre-order model with sustainability, and many more. This event would also explore ways to pivot and win at direct-to-consumer online sales.

The event is happening on December 4 by 3 pm, and you can click here to register.

Natural Dyes And Sustainable Regional Development 

Natural dyes are part of an exciting regional model that supports purpose-grown feedstocks, carbon capture, waste management and many more. In Africa, naturally made dyes are used to produce a range of fabrics including adire, batik and so on.

Kathy Hattori is an internationally recognised authority on natural dyes, pigments as well as the commercial application of these dyes, and she would be sharing helpful tips. She would be sharing some of the methods in which textile makers can dye textiles in a way that uses less water, is non-toxic and biodegradable and many more.

Happening from December 3-4 from 11 pm, you can click here to register.

Free Sewing Class

EdeYouth is a non-profit organisation which enables young people to acquire functional skills and they are the organisers of this event. This program is targeted at helping emerging fashion designers learn about new skills so they can infuse them in their businesses.

Participants would get to learn about a range of things, starting from the basics such as how to sketch a design, then moving to advanced stages.

This event is holding on December 6 by 12:30 am, and you can click here to register.

#WhatsGood: Creative Ambition

This event is aimed at focusing on the fashion sector and the rift between the young/upcoming designers and the established/successful designers. In areas such as design, mentorship, and personal branding amongst many others, there is always a gap between these sets of designers.

The conversation would be moderated by Connie Aluoch, a fashion stylist and lecturer, and other fashion experts such as Winnie Odande, Joel Omolo and Anyango Mpinga would be present to share their views as well.

This event is holding on December 2 by 9 am, and you can click here to register.

These are some of the events happening all over the world this week that you can attend as a fashion entrepreneur.


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