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Did You Know Patchwork Designs Usually Turn Out Unique? Here's What They Are Best Designed For

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One of the ways to grow your brand as a fashion entrepreneur is to properly utilise the processes and techniques in fashion designing. Some techniques, such as smocking and napping, can be used to add flair and style to a particular fashion product as far as they are used correctly.

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Clothes designers, footwear makers, creative directors, and even fashion stylists need to be familiar with these processes to properly implement them in their brands. Check out how ease, flounce and patchwork can be utilised in fashion brands.


In fashion designing, sewing or pattern making, ease is regarded as the amount of room a garment allows the wearer beyond the measurements of their body. It is that extra measurement you add to a sewing pattern in addition to the body measurement so that there is enough comfort and ability to move freely in the garment.


In fashion designing, flounce is an exaggeration which is usually a wide strip of fabric gathered and sewn to a skirt or dress. They are mainly used as a great way to add feminine details to sewing.


Patchwork is a technique of sewing small pieces of shaped fabrics, mixed patterns, colours and texture, all together to create larger geometric designs. Traditionally, this was a form of needlework used to create the patchwork quilt, but it is now a popular technique in clothing design and interiors.


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How They Are Used

As a fashion designer, if a man has a 38-inch chest measurement, for example, an ease of about 3-4 inches should be added to the pattern when designing the jacket to enhance comfort and style. Different techniques such as reducing the intake of darts, or adding pleats or gathers to a garment can be used to add ease to a pattern.

Flounces, most often, appear at the hem of an outfit and help exaggerate the character and silhouette of a skirt. Unlike the flared style, flounces are usually quite smooth at the top and fuller and wider near the bottom.


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Patchwork can be useful to fashion designers, bag makers, accessories makers and many more for designing a range of products including handbags, clothes and many more. 

These are some of techniques and processes in which fashion designers can input in their brands, and some of the benefits.

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