Mauvelli | Here's How Bishop Sleeves Create A Feminine Silhouette

Did You Know Bishop Sleeves Are Known To Create A Feminine Silhouette? Here's How They Are Best Designed

October 05, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

In the fashion industry, different fashion entrepreneurs finesse styles in their brands to make them stand out. Just like a fashion designer can infuse a melange of prints in a ready-to-wear dress to make it look unique, there are other terms and processes which fashion brand owners don’t utilise enough in the industry.

Last week, we spoke to Ewaoluwa Balogun, the creative director of Kasewa and she shared some of the uniqueness of culottes, balloon skirts and knife pleats. So, what are bishop sleeves, cut-outs and A-line and how can they be properly utilised in fashion designing?

Bishop Sleeves

Bishop sleeves are a long type of sleeve which are gathered at the hem and attached to a fitting plain cuff hand or an elastic cuff. They are quite fitted at the armhole but gradually widen as they reach the hem, where the fullness is contained with the cuff.

Unlike other sleeve styles, bishop sleeves infuse other styles such as plain cuffs, elastic smocking, elastic bands and many more, for the ends of the hem.


In fashion designing, an outfit is said to be a cut-out if parts of the fabric have been removed in a stylish way to make the outfit unique. What do we mean? Just like a high slit is designed as both an opening to allow free movement of the legs and a way to show off parts of the skin, a cut-out dress, for example, features gaps or unexpected necklines.

Fashion designers get creative with this cut-out style, and since there are no rules, different cut-outs can be placed strategically throughout an outfit.


A-line, in fashion designing, is regarded as a triangle-like silhouette that begins fitted, typically starting at the waist, and gradually gets wider from the hips down to the hem. It is known as an A-line because it echoes the shape of a capital A.

A-line outfits are also known to give a streamlined and slim look and can be paired with different versatile outfits to give a unique look.

How They Should Be Used

Bishop sleeves can be infused in a range of women's clothing to create a very feminine silhouette. To achieve the slightly full or billowy look the bishop sleeve is known for, fabrics that have high drape, such as satin and chiffon, are most suitable.

The cut-out trend is one that had been dominating in the fashion industry and it doesn’t look like it is going away anytime soon. Fashion designers can take advantage of this trend and infuse stylish cut-outs in dresses or tops to give a chic and elegant look.

Whether in the form of a dress, skirt or coat, an A-line outfit has a fitted waistband and a flared skirt without pleats or gathers. The fabric usually skims over the hips, shaped by darts, and ends in a hem that is much wider than the waist or hip line.

These are some of the fashion terms that you, as a fashion designer, can infuse in your brand for a change.

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