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Despite Their Pricey Selections, Here's How Kojak Studios Stays Relevant With Unconventional Designs

October 27, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Taking a look at how fashion entrepreneurs all over the globe are infusing different processes in their brands to make it unique, helps you, as a fashion entrepreneur and your brand be better. As a fashion-tech company dedicated to the growth and fashion brands in Nigeria, this column serves as an opportunity to critically look at how brands such as Hanifa, Kenneth Ize, and others have gone on to international standards even after starting in Africa.

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Kojak Studios is a fashion brand that started in the heart of Egypt and has grown to be recognized across the globe. What makes the Kojak Studios brand unique? And how do they give back to society in a bid to stay relevant?

About Kojak Studios

Kojak Studios is a fashion brand based in Egypt that is known for their out-of-the-box approach with fashion that blurs the lines between couture and ready-to-wear. The fashion brand designs unique costume drama pieces such as dresses, suits and many more which are largely inspired by the experiences of Mohanad Kojak, the brand owner.

“My brand is completely based on personal experience, for example, everything that happened has either happened to me or I have thought about it, so I reflect it through a collection or through a photo shoot. If it’s a collection, I go into greater detail in the photo shoot, video or story behind the collection.” - Mohanad Kojak.

This haute couture brand was founded and creative directed by Mohanad Kojak who describes himself as a self-taught designer. The designer catapulted into the limelight when he was selected to take part in a TV show - Project Runway Middle East.

This fashion TV show is one that offers emerging designers a platform to launch their careers, and being the youngest participant with bold designs, he caught the eye of viewers, judges and other fashion experts.

The 25-year old creative designer is also an alumni of the 10th season of Fashion Forward Dubai, a definitive fashion platform for Dubai and the Middle East, which provides a platform and a progressive direction for fashion in the region.


The Egyptian heritage, just like others in Africa, has profound details where creatives can draw inspiration from. Just like Okhtein, the Egyptian accessories brand that draws inspiration from the culture, surroundings and culture in Egypt, Mohanad Kojak mainly gets inspired by human relations and personal experiences.

“Living in a country like Egypt, with its rich culture, generates a lot of inspiration in that regard. There are always issues and topics to discuss that come out of society, topics that might concern or stir up society and this is my source of inspiration. I always keep these issues in mind and put them into consideration, whether to break them or give into them.”


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Asides these, the Cairo-based designer is inspired by the work of late British designer, Alexander McQueen. Also, being a fashion designer with daring designs, Mohanad Kojak also takes into consideration the fashion choices of people in the Egyptian and Arab societies, where many women choose to wear modest fashion pieces.

“My designs don’t focus on always showing much skin, that’s not why they’re considered bold or daring- it’s the cuts, silhouettes, details and concepts.” - Mohanad Kojak 

Top Competitors

Imane Ayissi

Imane Ayissi is an eponymous haute couture fashion brand that blends craftsmanship with traditional materials and well thought-out cuts and designs to create the ideal African wardrobe for males and females.

The fashion brand is owned by Cameroonian, Imane Ayissi, and the brand specializes in bespoke and luxury ready-to-wear outfits made with sustainable materials while emanating elegance.

Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe is an eponymous haute couture fashion brand that uses authentic African fabrics from antiquity and incorporates them into contemporary designs for their customer.

The creative director and founder, Deola Sagoe popularly known as the leading lady of African haute couture has been at the cutting edge of high fashion since 1989 and has always delivered exquisite pieces for customers.

Odio Mimonet

Odio Mimonet is a haute couture brand based in Lagos whose main focus is to provide high-quality designs and pieces for the woman who needs clothes that are functional, versatile and chic for any occasion.

The brand is owned by Odion Oseni, and each piece in the brand is lovingly crafted using the best quality fabrics and materials with extreme attention paid to every detail right from the design stage through to the hand finishing.

Target Audience

The brand basically designs outfits for people who would like to burst out of their comfort zone with haute couture pieces that stand out and look unique.

“My target is those who want to stand out, those who want to become trendsetters, for example, three-quarters of the clients that come to me are not my clients. Personally, this is important for me because people know when to come looking for me because they know what my piece can do.” - Mohanad Kojak.

How Kojak Studios Is Giving Back To African Communities

As you may already know, the fashion industry, amongst others was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many fashion entrepreneurs including Lisa Folawiyo helped in the fight against the deadly virus.

During the heat of the pandemic, Mohanad Kojak partnered with Abbassia Fever Hospital In Egypt to donate 100% of profits of some of their bestsellers to help assist the hospital in buying the medical equipment required to fight the virus safely.

The Kojak Studios brand is one whose brand owner channels great inspiration from Egypt in terms of surrounding, personal experiences, and many more and effectively translates it into wearable art, that is, the haute couture pieces.


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