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Despite Giving Off Conflicting Moods, Sheels Urbane's Le Fleurs Collection Is One With Unique Designs

October 01, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

As a fashion designer or entrepreneur, one thing to note before designing a fashion collection is how you want the collection to feel and how you want to utilise the current fashion trends. A fashion collection is usually designed to showcase the creativity of a fashion designer in terms of cuts, silhouettes, proportions and so on.

Apart from showing off the creativity of the designer, fashion collections also help to attract new and existing customers to have a taste of what your brand has to offer. Sheels Urbane is a contemporary fashion brand that caters to the styling needs of both men and women for every defining aspect of their lives.

They recently released their Resort 2021 fashion collection, Le Fleurs, and it was a mix of alluring cuts and designs.

Did they kill the collection or not? Here’s our honest review.


To determine the mood and atmosphere of a fashion collection, fashion designers need to understand where to draw inspiration from so as to channel it into the designs. For this collection, the creative director drew inspiration from the exquisite nature and beauty of flowers.

It is no wonder that the colours of the outfits in the collection are bold and vibrant.

The designs in this collection seem to be well-tailored with a range of delectable fabrics such as organza, cotton, velvet and many more, each with their unique characteristics. 

“The outfits were created to depict love, happiness and growth in today’s man and woman in mind, who are bold, brave, strong and style-savvy.” - Aina Fayosola, creative director of Sheels Urbane


Another thing fashion designers should employ in their fashion collections is infusing latest trends in the industry, and Sheels Urbane definitely utilized this.

They took advantage of the latest in the industry such as ruffles, high slits, mini-dresses and many more. The outfit designs feature unconventional cuts infused with significant messages, intrinsic detailing and vivid colours to celebrate every aspect of life.

Target Audience

This collection caters to both men and women, however, with the female outfits dominating. They were designed to consist of an array of styles that subtly blend contemporary menswear and womenswear.

Most of the designs can be worn for corporate events, while some are designed to be merely casual. All the outfits can be rocked to classy and stylish events, depending on the occasion, without giving off an uncomfortable look.


We understand that different fashion designers have different ways of expressing their creativity and uniqueness, however, a general mood that will appeal to prospective customers has to be considered.

Most likely going for a chic, classy and comfortable mood, we couldn’t help but wonder if the presence of swimwear in the collection aligned the mood. Despite it being designed with similar fabrics with vibrant colours, a collection needs to have a uniform mood to appeal to customers, and that particular piece did not conform.

The Resort 2021 collection, Le Fleurs, is one that definitely consists of unique designs taking into considering the latest trends in the fashion industry, however with conflicting moods.


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