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#CommonlyMisusedFashionTerms - Symmetrical Design, Asymmetrical Design, Look book

May 18, 2020 | by bolu | 2 Comments

In this age where there are many terms related to fashion designing, it may be quite difficult to stay in the loop as fashion entrepreneurs. As a result of this, some terms tend to be misused.

In the previous article in this series, we have taken a look at some commonly misused fashion terms like an atelier, contemporary fashion, bespoke, etc, and how they should be used.

So, what does it mean in fashion designing when an outfit is said to be symmetrical or asymmetrical? And what is a look book?

Symmetrical Design

Generally, when a design is said to be symmetrical, it means that the elements are arranged in the same way on both sides of an axis. In fashion designing, symmetrical design is an aspect of balance such that if the outfit is divided either horizontally or vertically, it will remain the same.

Even though most symmetrically designed outfits portray elegance, some are considered boring because of the formality of the outfits.

Asymmetrical Design

On the other hand, an asymmetrically designed outfit is one that doesn't appear the same whether split horizontally or vertically, due to the cut of the outfit or style. Most people consider outfits with asymmetrical designs dynamic and interesting, because they are not rigid, compared to symmetrical designs.

Look book

As a fashion entrepreneur, it is important to have a look book that displays exciting content about the products you're offering.

What is a look book?

A look book is a collection of photographs, that convey the essence of the fashion brand through creative storytelling. It is usually compiled to show prospective clients, investors, or stylists. As a fashion entrepreneur, a lookbook should contain pictures of your outfits and people that are rocking the outfits in the right way.

How Are These Terms Misused  And What Is The Proper Way To Use Them

As long as the designs are not the same when they are split into two, the design is said to be asymmetrical. Any other design that doesn't satisfy this condition in terms of balance, is said to be symmetrical.

A lookbook does not contain prices, many specifications, and other wordy details about your products, unlike a fashion catalogue. All a lookbook contains are pictures of the products, and how they can be worn confidently by customers. It showcases how the products can be put together to form complete looks and stories.

There you have it, some fashion terms that are commonly misused. Click here to see other commonly misused fashion terms.







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