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Commonly Misused Fashion Words - Fashion Portfolio, Heel Counter, Embossed Fabric

July 13, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

We understand that it might be hard to entirely grasp every fashion word in existence, probably even impossible. Getting familiar with fashion words, and infusing them in your vocabulary however will help in creating a lasting impression for clients and potential investors too.

Just like we did with frills, patchwork, smocking, and many more, we would be taking a look at the meanings of some fashion words, and how they should be used. So, what does it mean to have a fashion portfolio? How about a heel counter and an embossed fabric? Let's get down to it then.

Fashion Portfolio 

A fashion portfolio is a collection of samples put together by a fashion designer to showcase designs and skills possessed to a prospective investor or a fashion school. It is commonly used during applications to fashion schools, and it is meant to give a good overview of the brand, and show the quality in the designs.

Typically, a fashion portfolio should include a mood board, rough hand sketches, fashion illustrations, technical sketches, as well as photos of the finished garments. A creative portfolio should not be disjointed but be designed to navigate readers through the pages clearly and thoughtfully.

Heel Counter 

A heel counter refers to a little plastic insert that is placed at the back of shoes to reinforce the heel cup of a shoe, and to increase support. A heel counter is one of the most important features in a shoe, as it provides stability to the foot.

Heel counters are usually made with thermoplastic in sport's shoes and either a thin plastic or treated cardboard in dress shoes. Positioned where the heel bone sits, they generally provide stability to the foot.

Embossed Fabric 

A fabric is said to be embossed when it has gone through the process of embossing.

And what does embossing mean?

Embossing is a fabric manipulation process whereby any form of fabric is pressed by a stamp or engraved rollers, therefore, leaving a pattern. This natural and elegant process can change the nature of the fabric, either through heat or pressure.

There are many types of fabric embossing, some of which are blind emboss and tint emboss. Embossing creates a unique and appealing effect to the fabric, which makes it commonly used in fashion. 

How They Should Be Used 

Unlike a look book, which conveys the essence of the brand through storytelling, a fashion portfolio is meant to show diversity and market awareness. It is for this reason, and more, that it is important to create an outstanding fashion portfolio.

Without heel counters in a shoe, it loses shape within a short period, therefore reducing its longevity. 

Many fashion designers, such as Imane Ayissi, employ the use of embossed fabrics to create statement pieces. As far as another design has been transferred unto a fabric either by heat or pressure, it is said to be an embossed fabric.

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