Mauvelli | Commonly Misused Fashion Words - Basting, Cording, Ruching

Commonly Misused Fashion Words - Basting, Cording, Ruching

August 17, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

In any industry, including the fashion industry, certain terminologies and words are employed without users knowing the proper context in which they should be used. Often, fashion business owners make use of wrong words in different contexts and putting this into consideration, Mauvelli launched this column.

The Commonly Misused Fashion Words column was designed to correct the wrong notion fashion entrepreneurs have of some words, as well as highlight the proper ways in which they should be used.

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Basting is a process in garment construction whereby loose straight hand stitches or machine stitches are used to hold one or more layers of fabric together. The stitches used during this process are known as basting stitches or tacking stitches.

This process can be used instead of the pin method, as it is easier to machine sew bulky items. It also allows the designer to test the garment easily and check specific placements before sewing permanent stitches.


Cording is a form of embellishment which involves cord being wrapped in fabric that has been cut on the bias. This form of embellishment is used in fashion designing to add accents and increase overall seam durability.

Usually varying in thickness, the cording of a garment is a known versatile way to add visual interest when designing.


Ruching is a process in fashion designing that involves an overlay of fabric strips that are pleated, fluted, or gathered together to create a ripple-like effect. Just like pleats and ruffles, ruching is added to outfits to make them unique.

Ruched outfits are usually flattering as they tend to highlight the important features of the wearer.

How They Should Be Used

The different basting methods such as machine basting, slip basting, diagonal basting and many more, are all used as an alternative to pinning different layers of fabrics together. So, when loose stitches are used to hold several pieces of fabric together, it should be regarded as basting.

Cording can be used as a functional design element, or it can purely be used to add more style to an outfit, perhaps by adding it to the sleeves or neckline of a garment. 

Ruching is a form of garment manipulation which fashion designers can infuse in their fashion brands to create unique pieces.

Getting familiar with these words and their proper usage helps fashion entrepreneurs to utilise and infuse these words seamlessly in their business. For other commonly misused fashion words, click here.

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