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Commonly Misused Fashion Words - Artisanal, Darts, Interfacing

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As a fashion business owner, understanding the usage of various words used in your industry helps to open your mind to more ideas and concepts. Knowing the ideology behind words like smocking, napping, and asymmetrical can help fashion entrepreneurs know how to best infuse it in their businesses.

Previously, we have focused on how many fashion words like basque, boning, and so on, are commonly misused and the proper ways in which they should be used. So, how should the words artisanal, darts and interfacing be used with respect to fashion? Stay with us, as we take you on this ride!


In fashion, artisanal is regarded as the various processes of the design and fabrication of an outfit that involves the traditional or hand method. Processes such as hand-looming of textiles, traditional embroidery, dyeing, printing and many more, which are all done by hand are referred to as artisanal.

Apart from the fact that artisanal fashion doesn't employ the use of harmful practices in cloth production, artisanal fashion also employs the use of sustainable materials such as organic cotton, raffia and many more. These techniques used in artisanal fashion production also help to reduce energy consumption and harmful effects on the environment.  


Darts in fashion refers to a technique used by fashion designers where a garment is stitched by curving a straight fabric to fit the body. It is an essential part of garment construction as it allows a flat fabric to take on a shape that fits the body well, as a result of tapering and stitching.

The common forms of darts used in garment production are standard darts, french darts, curved darts and double-ended darts.


In fashion designing, interfacing is a woven or non-woven fabric that is used to stiffen certain areas of clothes during production. This inner fabric material is commonly used for collars, cuffs, necklines, buttonholes and so on, to add shape, strength and body to that area.

Interfacing can also be used to keep fabrics from stretching out of shape, especially knitted fabrics, provide stability to the fabric, as well as add a professional look to a finished garment.

How These Words Should Be Used 

For a fashion brand to be regarded as artisanal, they have to employ hand techniques for the production of their outfits. Artisanal clothes are also uniquely designed with the utmost consideration for the environment. Brands such as SoleRebels, and many more practice artisanal fashion production.

Darts can be used to outline the shape of the garment on the body. Darts are also used to create style lines in order to enhance a design and to fit the contours of the garment in a flattering way.

Interfacing fabrics are predominantly white and they have different types, such as woven, non-woven, knit and many more. So, if any fabric is employed in the production process in order to give shape, support and stability to the framework of the garment, then it is known as interfacing.

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